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International Date Line

Ka’abaShareef should be the reference of time for all regions of the world Instead of Greenwich

Setting up prime meridian along Ka’abaShareef results in a straight dateline over desolate area.

If anyone asks, what is the most hilarious, ludicrous and farcical thing in the world? The answer will be, the so called (gmt based) international date line.  pls look up and see how unreal, foolish the time line is!!!! it is like a zigzag scribble path drawn by a 2 years old child!!! It moves from kiribati, fiji, samoa, tonga. Look how awful it is- when in the kiribati it is night, in the samoa it is day and vice versa.


Look at the Kmt timeline, it is straight line, it goes straight over alaska which is a uninhabited area.

“half way around the world,the farthest you can be from Makkah…., 180-39= 141, the vertical border of alaska”

Besides,KaabaShareef is the center of the world, the first and the most ancient place on earth. The first step to do so is to establish prime meridian along Ka’abaShareef. Let’s all come forward to follow KMT.

If any place is to be selected considering its historic significance, then the first priority will be BaitullahShareef or Ka’abaShareef and no places on this earth can be more ancient than this place. So, not the Greenwich rather considering Ka’abaShareef as the centre, the time regions of the world needed to be fixed. Whereas, it is clear that only for political cause rather than any historical reason Greenwich has been considered as Prime Meridian.

So, ‘Oh! The dwellers on the earth!!! Do not be fool anymore.  Let’s abandon the rubbish gmt forever and it is high time to follow the KaabaShareef Mean time (KMT).

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  1. But it was not until the introduction of improved transportation and communications systems in the h century that the question of an international date line truly became a question of practical Jewish law.

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