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Those are Gomrah (Derailed)and Bidaati who say against the Dua’a (prayer) and Munajat (prayer) after the sacred Tarawih’ Swalaat

Kafir (Non believers), atheist and the Ulaama-e-su are telling about so many things which are mythical /fictitious. Those can never be followed. If these are followed then the I’maan will be lost anyhow. As the Ulaama-e-su are telling that- there are no need to do veiling/screening. Naoozubillah. Photography is authorized/ jaa’iz. Naoozubillah.  Are these be followed? Of course it can’t be followed/accepted. The Greatest Allah Pak dictates that, “ You all do Du’a and Mu’najat (pray) to me, I will Accept your Du’a and Mu’najat (prayer)”.

Noor-e-Mujassam Habeebullah Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam dictates that, “ the person who doesn’t do prayer to The Greatest Allah Pak, The Greatest Allah Pak will dissatisfied to that person”.

According to the shareeah of Sacred Islaam, like the Far’d Sa’laat(prayer), it is approved and Sunnah to pray all together/ combindly / collectively after the Tarwabih and all other sacred prayer( sa’laat). And this is the most right and appropriate/ acceptable opinion. Those Ulaama-e-su, worldly ‘aalim who are always trying to establish the agenda of kafir Mushriq by keeping away and depriving  the Muslims to earn the benefits of sacred religion Islaam, they tell that there is no need to do prayer/mu’najat.

All should do rest, read sacred du’a, do twaba is’tigfar and collectively seek prayer after each four Rwakat Sa’laat of tarwabih. Those who are telling against the Du’a and Mu;najat after the four rwakat of tarwabih Sa’laat are in Goomrah/misguidence and do bid’yaat.

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