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Taraweeh prayer and Tahajjud prayer aren’t the same

Since the Bidyaatis fail to provide proper and acceptable explanations for performing 8 rakaat Taraweeh prayer, the say that Tahajjud and Taraweeh are the same. It’s called Taraweeh during Ramadan and Tahajjud when it’s not Ramadan.

Mainly, the statement of the Bidyaatis proves that they are ignorant about the Islamic Shariah because Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers are different from one another.

Firstly, it is proven by the definition of Taraweeh and Tahajjud.

  1. Taraweeh means:-

والترويحة فى شهر رمضان= سميت بذالك لا ستراحة القوم بعد كل اربغ ركعات- وفى الحديث صلاة التراويح لا نهم كانوا يستر حون بين كل تسلمتين- والتراويح جمع ترويحة= (لسان العرب ج১ صفه ১৭৬৮، وكذافى القاموس المحيط.

Meaning:- During Ramadan after every four Rakaats (of Taraweeh prayer) Muslims take rest and this is called Tarweehatun. The prayer is called Taraweeh since Muslims rest after every 4 Rakaats and the plural of Taraweeh is called ‘Tarweehatun’. (Nisanul Arb 1st জিঃ page-1768, it is also mentioned in Kamsu Al Muhit)

The plural of “Taraweeh” is “Tarweehatun” which generally means sitting down i.e. sitting down after every 4 rakaats of prayer during Ramadan. Every 4 rakaat prayer is called Tarweehatun (ترويحة). And the full 20 rakaat prayer is called Taraweeh (تراويح) which is prayed only during Ramadan. (Misbahul Logaat Page-322, also mentioned in Al Munjid)

The meaning of the word “Taraweeh” is resting. It is a 20 rakaat prayer performed after Isha and before Bitr. Since it is required to rest after every 4 rakaats, it is called Taraweeh prayer. (Farujul Logaat Page-353)

Meaning, the word Taraweeh (تعراويح) is (جمع) or plural. Its (واحد) or singular is (ترويحة) Tarweehatun. According to Muhaddis- 4 rakaat prayer is one “Tarweehatun” (ترويحة) and 5 Tarweehatun (ترويحة) make one Taraweeh (تراويح) i.e 4×5=20, twenty rakaats of Taraweeh prayer.

It has also been mentioned in the famous Umdatul Kariyat in the sacred Hadeeth Shareef,

يقال الترحة اسم لكل اربع ركعة انمافى الاصلى ايصال الراحة وهى الجلسة. (عمدة القارى)

Meaning- Every 4 rakaat prayer is called “Tarweehatun” which is for resting.

In other words, resting after every 4 rakaat prayer is called one Tarweehatun.

It has also been stated in the scriptures as farther evidence-


ان على بن ابى طالب امر رجلا يصلى بنا خمس ترويحات عشربن ركعة. (سنن الكبرى للبيهقى- كنزالعمال)

Meaning:- Verily Ha’drwat Ali Rwadiallau Ta’ala Anhu ordered one person to perform 5 ‘Tarweehat’ i.e. 20 rakaats prayer with us. (Baihakki, Kanjul Ummul)

From the above explanation, it can be clearly understood that, 20 rakaats (5 Tarweehatun) makes one “Taraweeh.”

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