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Qurbani- The sacred Sacrifice

Rewards for the sacred sacrifice

There are many sacred Hadith Shareef pertaining to the rewards for the sacred sacrifice. For example, it is stated in the sacred Hadith Shareef- عن حضرت زيد بن ارقم رضى الله تعالى عنه قال قال اصحاب رسول الله  صلى الله عليه وسلم ماهذه الاضاحى قال سنة ابيكم ابراهيم عليه السلام …

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What is the sacred “Sacrifice”?

اضحية or the word “Sacrifice” is a singular word. It is اضاحى in plural form and its lexicographical meaning is sacrifice, offering, sacrificing the sacrificial animals on the sacred day of Eid-Ul-Adha. According to the terminology of Shariah, the sacred “Sacrifice” means sacrificing certain animals in a certain manner on …

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Qurbani is Wajib

Allah Pak Dictates, “Do offer Swalat and do Qurbani for (the satisfaction of) your Rab (Allah).”  Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Says, “Let him not get even near to My Eidgah (place for Eid prayers) one who does not do Qurbani despite having abilities.” Therefore, it is …

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Qurbani is not for business

Allah Pak, our Creator, Lord and Possessor Declares in the sacred Qur’an Shareef, in Sura Hajj, “For every nation, We have ordained customs of slaughtering of the animal of cattle”.  Doing Qurbani is Wajib for every Malik-e-Nisab (owner of Nisaab amount of assets or wealth). There is virtue for each …

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Donating in lieu of Qurbani

Allah Pak Dictates, “Remain determined on right track whatever you have been commanded to.” It is the Shari’ah instruction to do Qurbani for all those who are solvent. Not doing Qurbani, if the money is given to flood affected, epidemic captured or tornado stricken people, Qurbani will not be considered …

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