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Unmasking the religious hypocrite

“It is legitimate to take injection while keeping Saom (Fasting)”- saying this proves that they are Ulama-e-su (Religious hypocrite) and quack

In the sacred Hadees Shareef it is described that, “if something enters inside the body then Saom will be broken.” In description of this sacred Hadees Shareef it is mentioned in all the books of Fiqah that, “ if something enters in stomach and brain then fasting will be broken”. …

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Those are Gomrah (Derailed)and Bidaati who say against the Dua’a (prayer) and Munajat (prayer) after the sacred Tarawih’ Swalaat

Kafir (Non believers), atheist and the Ulaama-e-su are telling about so many things which are mythical /fictitious. Those can never be followed. If these are followed then the I’maan will be lost anyhow. As the Ulaama-e-su are telling that- there are no need to do veiling/screening. Naoozubillah. Photography is authorized/ …

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The almighty Allah says, “I have created Jahannam for a large number of human & Jinns. They won’t understand anything even after having brain, they’ll be blind even after having eyes, will be deaf even after having ears. They are like animals even lower than that or be like “Gumrah”. …

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Ulamaye Soo

Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam Says, “Ulamaye Soo are the worst of worst among the creatures. Those Maolanas who become bepardah (non-hijab) overtly, take photosnaps, do video, conduct programs in tv channels, do democracy ie. vote and election in the name of Islam and proclaim these as …

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Kadiani Rwad! (6th part)

Now Ibne Hajar written on 13/10 page of Fathul Bari;- قال ابن بطال انذر النبى صلى الله عليه وسلم فى حديث زينب بقرب قيام الساعة كى يتوبوا قبل ان تهجم عليهم وقد ثبت ان خروج ياجوج وماجوج قرب قيام الساعة فاذا فتح من ردمهم ذلك القدر فى زمنه صلى الله …

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