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Only place where the pure Islam is alive

Remedies to take in Rwamadwan Shareef

The focal WaliAllah of the age, The Imaam and Mujtaheed, Awlaad E Rwasool, Saiyiduna  Hadrat Imaam and Murshid Qiblah of Rajarbag Shareef ‘Alaihis Salaam says- Noor e  Mujassam ‘Habeebullah ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam said, “Sacred Ramadan Shareef is the month of Muasah or sympathy.” SubhanAllah! It is the …

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Allah Pak Dictates, “Allah Pak what Dismounted to them, ask them to practice every instruction of Quran Shareef and Hadith Shareef in every sector of life (i.e  solve each aspects such as personal, family, social, educational, financial or even law and governance In this country of 98 percent Muslim Law …

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Allah Pak says,”surely to Allah Pak, the only nominated Deen (religion) is Islam.’’ Sub’haanAllah! According to honorable Islamic Sharia it is ’Harwaam (Forbidden) and Kufri (Expressing Kufr) to practice Pahela Baishak. In reality Pahela Baishak is a festival for Hindu, Mojusi (Fire worshipper) and Buddhist, in a word, infidels. In …

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01.05.1438 – Take a crackdown in border areas to prevent the indian infiltrators

According to a trusted source, at present the number of illegal Indian residents in Bangladesh is above 1.2 million. There are charges against them for sabotaging many industries including garment industry, political violence and grave anti-Bangladesh conspiracy. Even there are charges regarding cooperation in terrorist activities as assassins. Allah Pak …

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No Off-day for puja

The almighty, the creator, the master Allah Subhanu Wa Ta’ala declares, ‘Do not assist each other in sinful deeds and disobedience.’ In India, there is no public holiday for the greatest Eid of Muslims, Saiyyidul Aiyaad Shareef, despite Muslim and hindu population being same in size. Then how could there …

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