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Muslims shouldn’t panic about corona virus for it is a deadly manifestation of the wrath of Allah Ta’ala upon the Kaafirs

According to the sacred Islamic Shariah, no disease is contagious. Believing in contagion of disease is included among the acts of Kufri (disbelief) and Shirk (polytheism). Moderating the sacred Azaan, shutting down Islamic seminars and events, prohibiting to attend the Jamaat (congregation) of sacred Swalaat especially the weekly Swalaatul Jumua …

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Those are Gomrah (Derailed)and Bidaati who say against the Dua’a (prayer) and Munajat (prayer) after the sacred Tarawih’ Swalaat

Kafir (Non believers), atheist and the Ulaama-e-su are telling about so many things which are mythical /fictitious. Those can never be followed. If these are followed then the I’maan will be lost anyhow. As the Ulaama-e-su are telling that- there are no need to do veiling/screening. Naoozubillah. Photography is authorized/ …

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Ultimate answer to the objection of La’Majhabi (Denier of Majhab) concerning sacred Shab-e-Baraat

La’Majhabi/ so-called Ahle ‘Hadee’s sect opposes all the Sahih (Authentic) ‘Hadee’s Shareef in order to deny the sacred Shab-e-Baraat, in other words, Lailatun Nisfi Min Sha’ban. They exclusively spread propaganda about the sacred Shab-e-Baraat despite countless irrefutable documents which supports it. As an ultimate answer to that, the Fa’dweelat (Significance) …

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