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Those are Gomrah (Derailed)and Bidaati who say against the Dua’a (prayer) and Munajat (prayer) after the sacred Tarawih’ Swalaat

Kafir (Non believers), atheist and the Ulaama-e-su are telling about so many things which are mythical /fictitious. Those can never be followed. If these are followed then the I’maan will be lost anyhow. As the Ulaama-e-su are telling that- there are no need to do veiling/screening. Naoozubillah. Photography is authorized/ …

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Ultimate answer to the objection of La’Majhabi (Denier of Majhab) concerning sacred Shab-e-Baraat

La’Majhabi/ so-called Ahle ‘Hadee’s sect opposes all the Sahih (Authentic) ‘Hadee’s Shareef in order to deny the sacred Shab-e-Baraat, in other words, Lailatun Nisfi Min Sha’ban. They exclusively spread propaganda about the sacred Shab-e-Baraat despite countless irrefutable documents which supports it. As an ultimate answer to that, the Fa’dweelat (Significance) …

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