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Aashoorwaa Shareef

Mu’harrwaam is the first month of the Arabic calendar. Mu’harrwaam is one of those four special months which have been declared as month of honour. From the beginning of creation, this month has been specially regarded. The 10th day of the month of Mu’harrwaam, is called ‘Day of ‘Aashoorwaa.
This day is the day of honour and remembrance for the whole universe or for all creations. The creation started on this day and would end up on this very day. Some special creations were done on this day and some significant incidents also occurred on this day. Starting from the AkhiriRasul, Habibullah, Huzur-i-Pak Sallallahu ‘AlaihiWaSallam up to the first NabiHazratAadam ‘Alaihis Salam, every Nabi and Rasul ‘Alaihimus Salam had some significant happenings on this day. Naturally, this day is a day of great celebration and a day of achieving Allah’s blessings, mercy, sakina and salvation.


Irshad has been made in HadisShareef that, A’khiriRasul, HabibullahHuzur-i-Pak Sallallahu ‘AlaihiWaSallam said that, “Honour the month of Mu’harrwaam and the 10th instant that is the ‘Day of ‘Aashoorwaa’. One who shall honour the month of Mu’harrwaam and the ‘Day of ‘Aashoorwaa’ (10th Mu’harrwaam), Allah shall dignify him by rewarding Jannat (Heaven) to him and save him from Jahannam (Hell).
If someone offers Iftar (breaking of saom) to somebody performing saom on this day, it will be treated like offering Iftar to the whole of the Ummah. It is stated in Hadis Sharif that AkhiriRasulSallallahu ‘alaihiwaSallam declared that, “If someone uses ismidshurma (shurma mixed with fragrance of musk) in his eyes on the ‘Day of ‘Aashoorwaa, he shall have no eye-ailment for next one year.”(Maqasid-e-Hasanah, Shua’bulIman, Dailami Sharif, Masabatabis-Sunnah).
It has been stated in Hadis Sharif that Rasulullahsallallahu ‘alaihiwaSallam declares that, “If one takes a shower or a bath on this day, Allah Bari Ta’ala shall cure him from illness. Except death, he shall have no difficult diseases and be free from laziness and sufferings.”
It is also stated in the Hadis Sharif that Huzur-i-Pak Sallallahu ‘alaihiwaSallam declares that, “If on this day, a Muslim touches the head of an orphan, feed a hungry man and offer water to a thirsty person, then Allah Pak shall entertain him with food on the heavenly ‘Dostorkhan (tablemat) of Jannat and provide him with drinks from the stream called ‘Salsabil’.
It has been described in the book named ‘M’umin-ke-Mahwasal’ that “If one would feed a poor member of Ahle Bait on this day, he shall cross the pulsirat with the speed of light.”


Further Irshad is made in Hadis Sharif that, Huzur-i-Pak Sallallahu ‘AlaihiWaSallam further added that, “If someone would offer good food to his family members on the ‘Day of ‘Aashoorwaa’, Allah shall bestow upon him a solvency for next one year.” (Twabarani Sharif)
These days people in many countries including Bangladesh arrange better meals on the occasion of new year’s day i.e., 1st Mu’harrwaam (Hizri), 1st Baishakh (Bangla), 1st January (English) which has no significance for the Muslims from religious point of view. Rather those fire worshippers do celebrate it exclusively and along with them do the Hindus and Buddhists. Celebrating the New Year’s Day is exclusively a non-Muslim ritual. So, it is na-zayij (not allowed). It has been described that a highly respectable Wali Allah named Hazrat Imam Abu HafsKabirRahmatullahi ‘alaihi remarked, “Spending even an egg on the occasion of a New Year’s Day, would nullify one’s ‘aamal of his whole life.”

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