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Assist in welfare and Taqwa Do not help in sins and misdeeds

As per Quran Shareef, Jews and Mushriks are the worst enemies of Muslims. Specially, the Hindu Mushriks are indiscriminately torturing and killing Muslims all over India. In Kashmir, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Assam, West Bengal and everywhere in India, everyday they are torturing, oppressing and killing Muslims. Many mothers have become childless, many fathers were fell to ground, many children became orphan and many sisters were tortured. Muslims cannot practice Islam at all. They are not allowed to perform Qurbani. They are not even allowed to give Azaan formally. The Hindus have already demolished many Masjids. Muslims are living just like an exploited inferior race in India.


This is a matter of great sorrow that the Government and People of Muslim countries are going to help with money and other means the Hindu, Mushrik who are Kaafir and practice idolatry. In a sense, you are an accomplice to idolatry as well as you are assisting torture and oppression on Muslim brothers in India. By this, you are confirming your place in Jahannam.


If you are true Muslims, you can never ever help the jews and mushrik hindus and strengthen them to torture Muslims more. How is it possible when the Jews, Christians, Mushriks and Hindus are killing and cracking down on Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnia, Bosnia, Africa, India, and Pakistan and in many places of the world and you being Muslims are helping those Kaafirs! What are you doing! How come, you are helping the Kaafirs instead of protesting and attacking against them and you are claiming yourselves as Muslims!


Therefore, Oh the Muslim Brothers and Government of Muslim countries! Make Tawbah of your misdeeds and come forward to help your distressed Muslim brothers in all over the world and strongly pressurize the Jews, Christians, Mushrik and Hindus to stop all kinds of torture on Muslims, withdraw all their troops from Muslim countries and convert to Islam to lead a peaceful life. Otherwise, you will face tough punishment both here and hereafter.

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