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Christian Women – Go Topless

Spiritual and moral degeneration of Christian society recently has taken an avalanche type nose drive. For their girls,” Go Topless” is the latest delusion deliberately propagated by illuminati controlled main stream media. The movement started almost nine years back but this time it had an international appeal throughout Christian society. Their latest slogan is: “free your breasts, free your mind” means if you cover your breast your mind is chained, if you uncover your breast, your mind is free. What a cheap and obnoxious brain wash! They even claim that this movement is a cultural revolution to change the world. In fact, this will morph our superior civilized world into a world full of animal instinct, if such movement is allowed to continue.   In internet they have even posted a “boob map” showing which countries joined this “Go Topless” movement on 28 august 2016. Except South Korea all are Christian countries.  ( ).

10 years before one probably could never imagine that girls would be so crazy and shameless one day to come out of their house topless and feel proud about. If this movement is accepted by the west, be sure that 10 years later there will be movement to “go Bottomless” for the western girls. Their brain washed argument will be women are the human reproductive industry and the tunnel through which they deliver the finished product they are the only owner of that production chain. Why should they hide that? In human reproductive system women contribute more than men, therefore women are more powerful and their reproductive organ is their pride (?). So western girl lets “Go Bottomless” and Show everyone that you are more powerful than men. What a pathetic scenario for the western girls!

Initially for some, it may look bizarre but will be accepted with the passage of time. The last trick that demon will apply on the western girl is: “Go Public copulation”. If cats and dogs can do it why we human being cannot do that? Human beings are superior to animal, why should they have to hide to do their natural act? Reproductive act is a natural phenomenon like that of taking food or shopping at any mall, why should there be hide and seek? Public copulation is human right (?)And none can deny this fact or show discrimination. The way USA has taken the challenge to implement the right of homo-ism and lesbianism throughout the world (,   same way they may enforce “international public copulation right act”. According to the trend USA is going to enforce this act in any way, if not in 10 years time but definitely in 20 years time.

Demon has no dearth of persistence to take people out of modesty and gradually direct them towards hell, that is his commitment and he is never tired of his job. Demon is now in full control of Vatican through anti-Christ Pope. It is now time for those who consider themselves conscious human being and desire to go to heaven by keeping the society free of demonic influence need to rise up and resist. We can never expect support from morally degenerated Pope of Vatican or Saudi Jewish king. They are presently performing as core value destroyer of both the religion. If reader want to confirm this reality please visit ( ). Only way to survive from their onslaught is to fight back. How to fight? Circulate this mail to as many people as possible. May the creator help our effort in fighting demons power!

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