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The conspiracy behind Wahabism 02

The jews and Christians, adherent of Shaitwaan, realizes that – Heinous shaitwaan deceives people in the camouflage of good jobs. The golden days of Muslims were observed only for the reason of following Islam properly. The followers of Shaitwaan, jews and christians realized that Islam can be resisted by only creating division, discord, conflict among Muslims. And that conspiracy can see the face of success by simply invading the anti-Islamic dogma in the camouflage of Islam. So they launched a long-term conspiracy. The master mind planner was christian-British imperialism. Thus the wahabism took birth. An agent named hamper worked behind all of that conspiracy. He laid his activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hejaj and Turkey   for deceiving Muslims.  We are translating the Mirat-Al-‘Haramain , which is written in turkey language by Hajrat Muhammad  Aiyub Sabri Pasha   Rwahmatullahi ‘Alaihi InshaaAllah.



In 1306 (1888), however, Muhammad Ibnur-Rashid captured the Najd and imprisoned ‘Abdullah.

About one million savages of Asir who lived in the Sawwat Mountains between the cities of Ta’if and San’a had been made Wahhabis when Yaman had been invaded. Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha, after clearing the home of raiders had postponed the clearance on these mountains to a later date. This district was also taken under the control of the Ottomans during the time of Sultan ‘Abd al-Majid Khan (Rwahmatullahi ‘Alaihi) in 1263 A.H.

The people of Asir had an amir, whom they elected, and a governor, who was appointed by the Ottoman State. They frequently rebelled against the governor who treated them kindly, but they deemed it an act of worship to obey their amir. They even attacked the port of Hodeida in Yaman during a rebellion when Kurd Mahmud Pasha was the governor, but they were killed by a fatal simum. Although they rebelled and attacked Hodeida again in 1287, a small number of Ottoman soldiers heroically prevented them from entering the town. Thereupon, a group of soldiers were sent under the command of Radif Pasha and the dens of brigands on the steep mountains were captured one by one by the fine plans and organization of Radif Pasha and the Ottoman staff officers. The dens of mischief and rebellion were cleared away. When Radif Pasha fell ill, Ghazi Ahmad Mukhtar Pasha was appointed to civilize the savages in the deserts of Yaman and in the Asir Mountains and to establish and disseminate Islamic knowledge and morals in that district.

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