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Declearing ‘moulobadi’(fundamentalist) ,in the name of Islam is ‘haraam’(forbidden)

Speech of  opposition : They say that ,” those who do not consider himself as ‘Fundamentalist’ is bastard. ( Peer Saheb Chormonai, The Daily Vorer Kagaj, 28/08/1998)

What is said in Islam : Thew above statement is against Islami Shariah and Kufri. Because there is no statement in Islam such this. Quran Shareef and Hadish Shareef ordered us to be Muslim, M’umun, Muttaki etc, not fundamentalist. Besides we learn from History that the ism of ‘fundamentalism’ came from Christian protestant community of ‘Bible’ followed by religion blind, phanatic American Christian. And that community is called fundamentalist.

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