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Defamation of Islam in Bangladesh by Hindus

Defamation of Islam in Bangladesh by Hindus, Pagan Idol sitting on the sacred Kaba Sharif

There is a recent occurrence of defamation of Islam in Bangladesh. The offender is a Hindu, namely Roshraj Das. Locals reported that Roshraj Das put a Facebook status on 28 October, 2016 where he uploaded an image of a Pagan Idol sitting on the sacred Kaba Sharif. Seeing this, local Muslims bursted out in grievance and protested heavily. Due to that, local Police arrested the culprit. However, a conspiracy against the Muslim protesters began after the arrest. There was a charge pressed against about two thousand and four hundred Muslims stating that the Muslim protesters oppressed the Hindus during the protest and thus arrested many Muslims.
It is to be mentioned that the Awami League is the current ruling party. Sheikh Hasina is the Chairperson of Awami League Govt. The Awami League Govt. is a close ally to the neighboring Pagan Hindu Country India. Due to that, the Bangladeshi Hindus have been frequently defaming Islam provided that they enjoy enormous support from Pagan India. It has been happening so often that it has almost become natural to defame Islam in Bangladesh. However, Awami Govt. has not taken any corrective measure regarding this; rather they have been oppressing the Muslim. In this circumstance, the Muslim of Bangladesh seeks support from the Muslims and the Islamic organizations of rest of the world so that they come forward to helping Islam and Muslims.
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