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Democracy: The Venomous Bite of the Jews, the shrewd

ALLAH PAK Declares, “If you follow the majority of the people of the world, they will derail you from the right path.” (Sura An’am: 116)


So, majority cannot be followed.
It is said in Hadee’s Shareef, “You do fear ALLAH PAK and listen and follow and imitate the honest person even if he is a habshi (Ethiopian) slave.” (Mishkat Shareef).


These Hadee’s Shareef means, whenever one single person (even he is an Ethiopian slave) talks according to The Quran Shareef and Hadee’s Shareef, and then Muslims have to follow and listen to him.
Whereas, the essence of democracy is to follow the decision of the Majority though the decision is violation of Shari’ah. ALLAH PAK has already forbidden following the majority because if someone follows the trend of most of the people, they will eventually mislead him (Na’ujubillah)!  As a result of being derailed, he has to go to Jahannam! This is why the democracy is human made kufri dogma/ doctrine which is made harwaam (forbidden) by ALLAH PAK.


For example, due to waswasa(provocation) and nafsaniyat(immoral characteristic) most people enjoy watching sports, listening to music and songs, doing business with interest, spreading obscenity etc.  In democratic system, neither these are illegal nor are these forbidden. But, according to The Quran Shareef and The Hadee’s Shareef, all of these are forbidden, illegal, harwaam in Islam. So a Muslim can never ever do such things. The Jews are trying to insert these anti-Islamic things into Muslims in the guise of democracy and thus to damage Muslims severely.


So, in order to save oneself from this poisonous bite of democracy, it is the responsibility of all the Muslims to perform Baiyat and attain Sohbot Mubarwak of Mamduh Hajrat Murshid Qiblah ‘Alaihis Salaam of Rajarbagh Shareef, Dhaka, Bangladesh and to do ‘zikir fikir so that they can become true ALLAHWALA and they should also make efforts to establish Khilafat ‘Alaa Minhajun Nubuwah. May ALLAH PAK enable us to achieve this. (Aameen)





Tahjib-Tamuddun Department

Rajarbag Shareef, Dhaka-1217


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