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Extreme Protest & the Declaration of Prize

Ummul Mu’minin Hazrat Aiysha Siddiqua RadwiAllahu Ta’ala Anha – against the publication of a hateful novel  defaming HER and with HER imaginary photograph, the Anjumaan-i-Al-Baiyinaat, Bangladesh expresses stern condemnation and vehement protests along with the demand of the death sentences of all those who are involved with its publication and a declaration of great awards for the one(s) who could execute them and also declare all those kafirs as persona non grata from all the Muslim countries of the world.


It is declared in Hadis Shareef that, Sayeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam declares, “Muslims, after me, would learn half of the Deen (the religion) from Ummul Mu’minin Hazrat Aiysha Siddiqua RadwiAllahu Ta’ala Anha.”
The Honorable Ummul Mu’minin Hazrat Aiysaha Siddiqua RadwiAllahu Ta’ala Anha- the hateful novel called jewel of madina containing HER imaginary picture and defaming and vilifying HER with fake slander, though the British dare not publish this, the extremely anti-Muslim Americans have finally dared to do that outrageously offending job of publishing that daring book on the last Monday which is taken with great resentment, extreme detestation and fury by The Anjumaan-i-Al-Baiyinaat, Bangladesh!


This is for the reason that Anjumaan-i-Al-Baiyinaat, Bangladesh is the only right and reforming Majlish all over Bangladesh. And Allah Subhanau Wa Ta’ala and Rasoolullah Saiyeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Noor-i-Mujassam Habibullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam and the Ummul Mu’minins – THEIR dignity and status are above everything else, even much more than the own lives to the Muslims!


It is declared in Hadis Shareef that, “You cannot become a complete MU’MIN until and unless you adore me more than your parents, your assets and even more than your own lives.” Therefore, taking life of those who tries to defame Hazrat Ummul Mu’minins is the Imaan of the Muslims.


Specially, the publication of an imaginary dishabille picture of Ummul Mu’minin Hazrat Aiysha Siddiqua RadwiAllahu Ta’ala Anha is a grave offense and no Muslims can simply tolerate it.


No Muslims can relax till the feminist author Sherry Jones, the people of the publisher Beaufort Books and all those involved in the publication are executed. 2500 millions of the Muslims of the world cannot take food or go to sleep until it is implemented.

From the very beginning of Islam, those munafik, anti-Islamists had been defaming Ummul Mu’minin Hazrat Aiysha Siddiqua RadwiAllahu Ta’ala Anha. And in the Hadis Shareef, the slayers of such slanderers have been given the auspicious news of having the Jannah (the heaven)!


During the period of the British, there came up one such slanderer but a Muslim of this country killed him right away.
As a continuity of this, from Islamic point of view, with the directions of Quran Shareef and Sunnah Shareef, the author and publisher of “jewel of madina” are hereby awarded ‘Death Sentence’!


Along with this, if any Muslim can slay them, according to Islamic fatwa, that individual is also declared to get a special reward for that.


Simultaneously, in this country where Islam is the statutory religion, it is urged to forge severe protests and vehement condemnation against this and go for exemplary punishment of death sentence.
Also the other Muslim countries of the world are invited the same way on behalf of the Anjumaan-i-Al-Baiyinaat, Bangladesh to go for similar actions and that these countries should declare those persons involved in the publications as persona non grata.


These munafiks, extreme anti-Islamic writers and publishers are hereby warned from the Anjumaan-i-Al-Baiyinaat, Bangladesh to take a serious warning that the Muslims are such a race to whom the death as a Shaheed (myrtar) is much better and more preferable to their life.


With the tremendous influence of the Fayez of the Rooh of the Mujaddid of this age, the Mujaddidu A’azam, the Jozba of Jihad (the spirit of Jihad) is striking in every Muslim now. Therefore, it’s not far when you (the offenders) shall be caught and chopped off one after another. All the murtaads, munafiks, those slanderers against Islam shall be slain from this world one after another in serial and will be sent to the Jahannam(hell)!


At the same time, on behalf of the Anjumaan-i-Al-Baiyinaat, Bangladesh, a warning is hereby issued against the America who is the Imperialist, the enemy of Islam and the enemy of Muslims, that if you still do not stop immediately all the malicious acts against Islam and the Muslims, you shall soon be destroyed by the epidemic punishment of Allah Ta’ala. Those infernos have already been started to be sent upon you. And yet those who shall survive, rewards of weapons of the Muslims shall be their last supper.


It can be reminded that Allah Ta’ala considers helping the Muslims as a responsibility of Allah Ta’ala and the Wasila, through whom this help will be sent, the Mujjaddidu A’azam, Imaam-i-A’azam, Khalifatullah, Khalifatu Rasulillah, Sayeeduna Imam of Rajarbagh Shareef, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Jilluhul A’alee is very much present on this earth.

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