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To the Hukumat of Saudi Arabia

The next month is the month of Jilhajj. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Each year millions and millions of Muslims from all over the world gather in Saudia Arabia to perform this Far’d (compulsory) Ibadat of Hajj. But Jews and Christians are making conspiracy to make the Hajj invalid. Committing any sin during Hajj is completely haraam but Muslims are forced to take their photo, which is completely Haraam in Islam( also supported by fotwa of your grand mufti), both during traveling with Hajj passport havingharaam photo and even during staying in the Hajj premises by the cctv which are setup in the name of security. These cctv are taking billions and billions of haraam photos of Muslims. Besides, the date of Hajj is shifted from original date as the month of Jilhajj is not usually started by sighting the moon with bare eyes rather by new moon which is in fact moonless night and it is violatingHadis Shareef. Consequently, UkufeArafa(staying in the field of Arafat) is performed on wrong day, not on the actual 9th of Jilhajj and this makes the Hajj of millions of Muslims invalid.

Therefore, this is a stern direction to Saudi Hukumat from 2500 millions of Muslims to re-introduce photo-less passport with fingerprint, dismantle all the cctv; stop satellite photo shooting of Hajj premises and start the arabic month by watching the moon with bare eyes. Otherwise, they will have to face tough punishment of Allah SubhanahuWa Ta’ala both here and hereafter.

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