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O Israel! At last, you set the savage Brown to beg alms

Israel! Idont know, how you are! All the news agencies controlled by you used to supply such news as the news of new husband and wife so far.After the economic disaster of your two wings, the Engo-America, there is hardly any news of your leaps and jumps. We used to know that the powerful bank and isurance companies of the world are managed by your Jewish Soldiers. Have you become dumb or deaf at the unexpected fall of those! And thinking, “What kind of Curse is this!” Are you occupied in the busyness of contemplating the reason of the curse! This is the Curse from Allah Ta’ala. And even your disobedient forefathers were unable to save themselves from this curse. How long your descendents, the Engo-Americans who are brought up by you, can withstand this curse! Lo Lo ! One of your very much obedient blacksheep of your groups is begging with a bag of alms from door to door of the brave soldiers of Muslims! What a shame for you!

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