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Oh the Muslims of the World! Perform Tawbah and Rise UP

It is declared in Quran Shareef, “Allah Ta’ala will help the Muslims”. And it is said in Hadis Shareef that Definitely, Habibullah, Saiyeedul Mursaleen, Imamul Mursaleen Noor-i-Mujassam Rwasoolullah Huzur-i-Pak Swallalahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam – His special privileged Ihsan is for the Muslims. Therefore, Oh the Muslims! Be spirited with the strength of Imaan and shed off all the inferiority feelings, perform Tawbah and give up all the Haraam, prohibited deeds. No more to be cheated by the Kaafir, Mushriks and the Ulamaul-Soo and no more to remain without hijab, to take photo, to build statue, to participate in games, to sing songs, to watch television channels, to do strike, to arrange longmarch, to burn the effigy, to claim oneself fundamentalist, to seek for blasphemy laws and to practice dogma and rules regulations developed by the Kaafirs (non-believers). Certainly, the Muslims will be successful if they remain firmly set on Imaan and ‘amilus-swaleh. Only then, Allah Ta’ala will save them from the torture and abuse of the Kaafirs and Mushriks and will render the simple and peaceful life and will turn the Kaafirs and Mushriks as permanent slaves of the Muslims.

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