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‘Qaalbi (Spiritual) ‘zikir’ (remembering of Allah) is ‘faraj’(must be performed deeds)

Speech of  opposition : It is Farz to have ‘Huzuri Q’aalb (pure and fresh mind). But it is Mustahab to have a Peer Saheb.

What is said in Islam : Both having Huzuri Qaalb and Peer Saheb is Farz. To have a fresh mind it is necessary to learn ‘Qaalbi Zikir and Tasaouf, it is necessary to surrender oneself to a true Peer Saheb. Without surrendering to a Peer Saheb it is not possible to earn “Qaalbi Zikir and ‘Elme Tasaouf. So Surrendering to a Peer Saheb is Farz.

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