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Question: Can women perform the salat (prayer) of ‘Eid?

Answer: There is no salat of  ‘Eid and Jumu’a for women. Because Jamat is a condition for ‘Eid and Jumu’a salat. According to the Hanafi Ma’zhab, there must be minimum three musolli except Imam. Otherwise, ‘Eid and Jumu’a salat won’t be completed.  And, there is a fatwa that, it is not allowed for women to go to masjid or ‘Eidgah to perform the Swalat of either eid, or jumua, panjegana, tarawih, or any type of Swalat. According to aam fatwa, it is Makrooh Ta’hrimi. And also kufri by khwas Fatwa.  So, if women-folk go for swalat of ‘Eid, then they will be gunahgar by strong gunah. (to know details about this, read Al-Baiyinaat 11th episode, there have been submitted about 65 dalils) (Dalils: Umdatul Qwari, Shor’he Bukhari, Durrul Mukhtar, Fatwaye Tatarkhania, Khulasatul Fatwa, Fotuhul Qwadir, ‘Alamgiri)

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