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Rwasools are free from all kinds of sin

Speech of  opposition : Hazrat Adam Alaihi Wasallam made a mistake by eating ‘Gandgam’ fruit in Heaven . Hazrat Eunus Alaihis Saalam was fallen into the anger of Allah.(Naujubillah)

What is said in Islam : Above kinds of comment about Nabi-Rasool Alaihis Salaam is Kufri. Because according to Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat All Nabi-Rasool Alaihis Salaam are Masoom (free from all sins). Not only that , they are even free from Sagira (small sin), Kabira (large sin), Kufri, Sirk and all kind of unusual or unwanted work. If so, then how can they perform sin?

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