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Stride Ahead uttering the call of Freedom

Oh the Muslims of India, China, Russia, Germany!

Muslims are free by birth. This freedom is attained 1500 years ago by the Wasilah of Saiyeedul Mursaleen, Imamul Mursaleen Noor-i-Mujassam Habibullah Rwasoolullah Huzur-i-Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam and in the way of sacrifice of Sahaba-i-Kiram Rwadiallahu Ta’ala ‘Anhum as Shaheed. But, today, Muslims are subservient – they are now bound with the shackle of subservience even if Muslims are majority in numbers in the countries like Russia, China, India, and Germany. They are not allowed to practice any of the rules and regulations of the divine religion Islam and they are obstructed in every step. But how long this disgrace and abuse have to be endured! Actually, Muslims were erratic due to devoid of “Rahbar” or the true leadership. Being benevolent to Muslims, Allah SubhanahuWa Ta’ala has sent the Mujaddidu A’azam Mamduh Hazrat Murshid Qiblah Mudda zilluhul A’alee of Rajarbagh Shareef as a Vanguard ‘Rahbar’ for the Muslims of the whole world. He is strengthening the Muslims around the world staying in the heart of Bangladesh. Therefore, Oh the subservient Muslim Brothers! Give the Call of Freedom and strike with a roar to terminate the hypocritical forces.

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