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Where should your Zakaat be paid? Why?

Khaliq Malik Rwab Allah Pak declares,  ‘help one another in righteousness and

and help one another in righteousness and piety and do not help one another in sin and anything against Allah Pak and His Rawsool, Noore Mujassam, Habeebullah ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam – and keep fearing Allah; indeed Allah’s punishment is severe (sacred Surah Maeda Shareef, sacred Ayaat Shareef 2)

The sacred Dween Islam is founded upon five Pillars and  Zakat is one of them. Now whom the Zakat should be given to? What about his Eiman and Aamal? You should also put attention to where and for what purpose the Zakat money will be spent. In case your Zakat money is spent for any different or evil purpose, you will then have to be accountable to Allah Pak the Greatest.  At the same time, you will have to accept the share of the person’s evil deeds.  Naouzubillah.

If the  Zakat money goes to any person who is involved in Harwaam (forbidden in Islam) activities; does not say Swalat regularly or does not maintain Purdah;  use to listening musics or watching television,  gets involved in sports, etc. the  payment will not then be granted.   Some may consider paying Zakat to Madrasa.  But there are some Madrasas where co-education exist,  have no purdah between male teachers and female students and are fond of sports and support democratic party politics. All these madrasas are basically involved in doing business rather than making Aleems. Paying Zakat to these madras will not bring any benefit for you instead you will obviously get a share of their  sins. All these mean that paying Zakat to wrong place will reap sin for you instead of  Sawab (good) and ultimately be the cause of discontentment of Allah Pak. Owing to this fact,  everyone should send their Zakat to Muhammadia Jamia Shareef Madrasa and Yatimkhana where the students are taught to fear Allah Pak, observe every command of Islam and Sunnah meticulously and they avoid all types of harwaam (forbidden) activities. SubhanAllah.

Now you decide where to pay your Zakat –  to those who are in the righteousness or otherwise.

To know more about the Ahkam (mandatory rules), Masaeel (guidelines) and Fazilats (benefits) of Zakat, visit

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