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To Asif Ali Zardari and Your Government of Pakistan

By the Rahmat of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, you have got the opportunity of serving Muslims of Pakistan. But taking the chance of your silence, CIA backed USA is attacking Pakistan repeatedly weakening the sovereignty of Pakistan.


Shame on you and your Governmnt!!!


In spite of having a well built military force, nuclear bomb capability, brave Pakistani Muslims and above all, The Rahmat of Allah Ta’ala, what are you doing, why are you so feeble!!!


Why don’t you break all ties with CIA and pressure Baraka Obama strongly to stop attacks on Pakistan and other Muslim countries? American and their allies are now crippled with tremendous economic hardship, recurrent natural calamities and incurable diseases which are imposed as a curse and punishment from Allah Ta’ala. So, give up your cowardice gestures rather raise your voice and give threat to the Jews, Christians and Mushriks to withdraw troops from all Muslim countries and stop their torture and oppression on Muslims.


If you don’t do this, Muslims of Pakistan spirited with Imaan will oust you from power and you will face tough punishments both here and hereafter.

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