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To the Coward Military force and the coward people of Pakistan!

What is the use of army if they are useless when foreigners can kill our own people? What is the use of Navy if they are idle when the external force can attack inside of our country? What is the use of air force when the enemy planes bombard and indiscriminately kill our own citizens? What is the use of people when they cannot maintain the sovereignty of the country?


It is a matter of great shame that the Kaafir Americans are repeatedly attacking our country, killing our people and torturing our citizens but we are watching silently. The characterless Jardari is a traitor. He wants to sell Pakistan just like Saddam. From History we have seen that the jews, christians and mushriks captured Spain and Iraq even if Muslims had a big force but they were the prey of conspiracy and kept idle and silent.

As long as we have a single drop of blood flowing inside our body we cannot let the history repeat and let the kaafirs capture pakistan.

Oh! Our Brave Military force and Muslims of Pakistan spirited with Imaan! Rise up and oust Jardari, the traitor and kill him immediately. We cannot let anymore killing inside our own Motherland and we cannot let any foreign force trespass our territory. This is the high time to take swear that we will sacrifice all our blood and crash all the alien forces that enter our Pakistan.

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