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Asif Ali Zardary the new Saddam started slavery of the Jews and Christians sitting on the power

Saddam Hussain, the communist, the secular and the leader of Bath party, was a complete Munafik, atheist, characterless and extravagant and voluptuous person.

At the beginning, the Munafik Saddam, due to atheist philosophy was involved with KGB of Russia but later, he became the slave of USA due to the influence and greedy offer of CIA.


Saddam, the Munafik and slave of USA, has prepared a dangerous master plan to sell IRAQ to USA by the direction of CIA. But the citizens of IRAQ could not understand that and even the religion-monger Mawlana or the Ulamau-soo could not understand this. Rather, they, without any read understanding, vigorously uttered, “Saddam is the like father like son.”


During that time, though many media of the world publicized Saddam as an Islamic personality and a pious person, only the Monthly Al-Baiyinaat, the only spokesman of Tajdid, exposed the musk of this Universal Munafik and released that, “Saddam is an atheist, Munafik and servant and agent of the USA.”


Though the fall of Saddam was interpreted in different ways by different people, actually, the Munafik Saddam just implemented the contract that was done with the American kaafirs. The Munafik Saddam has handed over Baghdad, the sacred land of Islamic heritage, to the unsacred hand of Americans and then left away.


It is similar to the notorious traitor Mirjafor, who did a secret contract and watched the defeat with a very big military force just standing silently as inactive.

Similarly, on the day of attacks on Baghdad by US army, the universal Munafik Saddam vanished into air with his large republican guards and numerous military men of Fedain group by licking the feet of the Americans. There is evidence in the History that from the beginning of Islam, the Jews and Christians, in a disguise of Munafik Muslim, entered into the Muslim society one after the other.

After the vanish of the universal Munafik Saddam, the Jews and Christians has engaged Asif Ali Zardari, another servant and agent of them.


After gaining top most power of Pakistan the only Muslim State with Atomic bomb capability, already has started to show his attitude like Munafik. The objective is the same, that is, to sell Pakistan to USA. Hard and fast efforts are going on to make Pakistan, a military base of US.


Being vicious of all immoral vices, Zardari is a greedy, badly corrupted person and a murderer – During the time of his wife Benajir Bhutto staying in the position of prime minister, the corrupted Zardari used to take bribe of at least 10% from all of the governmental works. That’s why; everybody calls this corrupt as “Mr. Ten percent”.

All the decisions taken by the Munafik Zardari who came to power through conspiracy are posing alarming threats for Pakistan.

Staying on the highest most position, Zardari has given such statements and decisions which clearly indicate that Zardari is completely unqualified for diplomatic regulations and for ruling the country.


Recently, the Munafik Zardari has done unlimited damage to Pakistan by terming the brave Mujahids of Kashmir as terrorists, by expressing no-objection to the atomic assistance treaty in between India and USA and by granting permission to unrestricted merchandizing treaty of India-Pakistan. Simultaneously, he has insulted the Muslim citizens by terming them as terrorist for his way of satisfying his foreign Gods.

Top to bottom Munafik Zardari has shown the shameless slavery of the Americans by permitting the US to do missile attack into Pakistan. This slavery will destroy the autonomy and independence of Pakistan and will diminish the existence of Muslims. (Na’yuzubillah)


Therefore, this is the high time to oust the Jaalim, Murderer, Munafik, corrupt, the traitor Zardery from power and give death sentence to him. And on this issue, it is the Pakistan citizens and the Pakistani military, who are full of Imaan, have to come forward.

Inshallah! Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, through the Wasilah of Mujaddidu A’azam Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Jilluhul ‘Aalee will save Pakistan from the Munafiks. (Ameen)

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