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  1. Technology has widened the space/level of warfare from aerospace, surface or subsurface to virtual or outer space level. It is also morphing at comprehension level – from force level to ideological level. The target readers of the paper are the western educated intellectuals (WEI) to be more pertinent the western educated Muslim intellectuals who are by born Muslim but by understanding and conduct feel comfortable to be identified as Non Practicing Progressive (NPP) Muslim. Obscure perspective denotes the thinking platform of Think Tanks, Decision Makers and Strategists of these days NPP Muslims and WEI. In view of the type, nature or time, warfare has been prefixed with number of generic terminologies such as Pre-historic War, Conventional / Unconventional War, Modern Warfare, Great World Wars, Cold War, Proxy War, Cyber war, Psychological Warfare, Media Warfare and so many others. Now we have a new name of war i.e. “The War on Terror”. Probably in the history of warfare, this is the first time that war has been suffixed with a word Terror’. By now-we all are acquainted with this new name and how the war started, but what absent is, the real game plan behind the screen and how and why this war started? From an investigator’s points of view; who are the real beneficiary of this new war gaming, is the fundamental question. Why all on a sudden some warmonger Muslim fanatics initiated a war once people of the world only took a sigh of relief in the peaceful uni-polar world? How, out of the blue, Bin Laden or Jarqawi appeared as powerful non-state actors to manipulate world opinion and give birth to a confrontational environment?
  2. Under the circumstance the only super power USA requires an enemy at the collapse of archrival USSR. At the same time, WARSAW pact has been disbanded but the NATO has flourished with numerous new member nations reaching across the eastern block all the way up to Russian border. The ultimate objective is creation of a new global market for the US armament industry. However, by all count was there any such sudden requirement for the Muslim world? Did they wait for 50 years for the world to get uni-polar and then only come up as a powerful enemy for USA? Militarily and economically being underdog, can Muslim world idiotically take a fatal decision of such magnitude? The reality is, super power USA needed an enemy to maintain their nationalistic spirit and motivation, which is otherwise an erroneous political science philosophy. Concerned warmonger Jewish element rightly predicted the need of USA, even before the collapse of USSR. Accordingly they launched themselves well in time to create a new enemy for USA. The easiest and of the shelf target was the Muslim world / Islam. They have successfully hoodwinked the Christian world by tampering their Bible up to a level wherein modern Christian society facing difficulty to have faith in that. Now the Jewish hegemony is using them to destroy Islam. To fulfill the immediate requirement of the lone super power, the Zionist Psychological Warfare Organization launched their unparallel media machinery to draw a picture of a new enemy for USA, western world and finally for whole Christian world.
  3. Threat of physical aggression is rapidly giving way to the influence of modern day media activity in terms of essence, importance and priority. The later is looked upon as more lethal than actual destructive weapons. Media offensive no more conditions the brain and mind only to future events; it also sets the ground rules and creates a complimentary environment vital to the success of any diplomatic initiative or military intervention. Today’s global injustices and inequalities are resultant symptoms of a well orchestrated and coordinated media maneuver, which is essentially one sided and monopolized. It seeks to disrupt the harmonics of global power balance in the absence of a parallel credible counter force. Once again Mankind is being pushed to the threshold of another historical convulsion by the Jewish hegemony. With their (Jew) unprecedented power of media and intelligence network they not only command the opinion of all American’s, they are capable of doing the same for rest of the world as well.
  4. A war launched by a state is right or wrong is only justifiable by conscious citizens when they enjoy freedom of press (media). The best example is the unjust war of US in Vietnam. Statecraft continued to kill innocent Vietnamese and drain young American blood till they lost the battle in their home front. The people of America could bring the Vietnam War to an end only because of the practice of freedom of press at that time. Predictably the Jew being one of the most intelligent races never repeats a mistake. This time before launching massacres in Afghanistan, Iraq or Lebanon they ensured a total black out of information to all news agencies except through their embedded one. US decision makers and policy makers seemed handicap to some corner, violating the, basic tenet of democratic human right. The world is expected to get civilized 24/7, whereas freedom of press is put into quarantine perpetually by Jewish hegemony. Today world is watching that embedded journalist writing success stories to keep the world opinion in favor of aggressors veiling the horrendous human right violation out of the sight of world conscious people.
  5. Jewish controlled media outlets like Fox News, CNN, Reuter, News Week, Times and many others broadcast sensitive cover stories and news to ensure a cool shiver in the central nervous system of target audience, decision makers and their embedded intellectuals. Interesting to note that the way Laden has been-made to believe as a “Fanatic Muslim Leader”, similarly Bush is a “Born Again Christian”. A liberal Christian has very less time to be so vindictive and psychologically persuasive to destroy innocent civilian of other religion; so is the case with a liberal Muslim. That is why the Jew needed a “Born Again Christian” like that of Bush and a “Fanatic Muslim Leader” like Laden. Laden has been portrayed as the ambassador of World Muslim sentiment, a sentiment, which is unacceptable by the law of Islam and also by the human conscious. They even ensured that Bush some time look “more Catholic than that of Pope”! To develop hateful sentiment against each other they created a “drifted faith” Wahabism in Islamic World and Evangelical Church in Christian community. Laden and Bush are their respective leaders.
  6. Recent victory of Democrats over Republicans once again proves that it is not the American leadership but the people who finally guide the national policy towards right direction. The way they did in case of Vietnam War, they are doing the same for the Iraq war. Common people of America as human being are not only good but probably the best, which makes them the most powerful nation of the world. Now the question is why US authority takes such belligerent and inhuman decisions where people have to come in and put it right? The answer is simple, being demonized and trapped by warmonger Jewish power very often US administration is compelled to go for wars. If there is no war, no killing of millions, Jewish war industry owners cannot sell their munitions! They fall short of their affluence! Massacre of Muslim or Christians is of no significance to them so long there is profit. That is why probably during 9/11 there was no Jew casualty. In Iraq or Afghanistan it is a perpetual Muslim and Christian casualty, how many of them are Jew? But the munitions? (Check it out) are mostly coming from factories owned by them.
  7. Muslim world being technologically, academically, even economic infrastructure wise far behind the west have no reason to challenge US hegemony. They have lot of enemy within and around their tangible and intangible ideological infrastructure. Finding this weak area of Islam, Jewish hegemony took the initiative of making a bogus enemy for USA, apparently highly dangerous but on ground nothing. They created Non State Actor (NSA) like Laden and a pseudo ultra powerful terrorist organization like AL Qaida for Afghan invasion, a pure hoax like WMD or freedom for Iraqi people to invade Iraq. If there is some sense still prevailing in the mind of Islamic world, they can only wait to see who the next is? People of Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq or Lebanon must realize that it is not the strategic issue that has been explained to them as the cause of their misery; it is only because of the faith in which they belong to. Like a serial killer the Jews are killing millions of Muslims throughout
    the world using some non-Muslim countries’ as expedients Serbs were used to massacre Bosnian Muslims, Russians were used to massacre Chechnya Muslims and even they are confidently using USA to massacre Afghan and Iraqi Muslims.
  8. Very recently they launched themselves to massacre Lebanese Muslim. If some one thinks that here is the end of Muslim massacre or human created disaster he must be having a hangover- this will continue, tomorrow it could be Iran, Syria, Pakistan or Bangladesh. The mission of the Jew is to eliminate the true influence of the creator and establish a global hegemony the one they created in Palestine. The situation in which they are in Palestine, they ensured that their great ally (?) USA is also trapped in a same situation in Iraq. They are even pushing USA to go for Syria or Iran! Jew’s audacity knows no bound.
  9. Average Americans works more hours than that of their Euro counterpart, to comprehend perpetual geopolitical subterfuges they indeed have very less time to sift the right message from the steady and massive Jew media onslaught. Mostly they look at Fox news, CNN or some other Jewish controlled media outlets   to   fulfill   their   perpetual   information requirement. And these are the apparatus by which American’s sentiment is tuned in accordance to Jewish design. Before Second World War, on account of the Germans being the strongest nation (tree), the Jewish hegemony decided to come up as a powerful nation (Parasite) using Germans as their initial foothold. It was unfortunate for them that Hitler after detection took all punitive measures possible before they could organize in entirety.  After the 2nd WW, considering the scope of massive resource mobilization and possible future powerful role in world geopolitics, the wily race Jew banked on USA. This time they have ensured a deliberate and mass penetration not only in financial sectors but also in between the very fabrics of US intelligence and decision-making infrastructure. Not only that, a surreptitious investigation will surely reveal that there are numbers of under cover fathers, brothers or sisters in different Christian Churches to motivate the believers in favor of Jew and against the Muslims ,
  10. The way Jewish media terrorizing the world with bird flue and ensuring billions of dollar US budget allocation every year similarly they are terrorizing the world using their own created fanatics exploiting the impoverished Muslim faith of present days. The way threat of Bird Flue has been blown out of proportion and gradually proving to be a hoax; similarly it is only a matter of time that western citizens will also understand the threat of Muslim terrorist is a hoax, Some sporadic spreading of Bird Flue germ may be conducted like that of Anthrax attack as a part of attention deviation or money earning subterfuge but such media ruses will never reach up to threat level analyzed or forecasted by them. The Muslim terrorist groups were drifted from the basic faith of Islam and raised by the Jewish intelligence MOSSAD, exploiting the intellectual and spiritual vacuum offered by the Muslim religious and political leaders. Plot set against the Muslim world by creating Fanatics is more subtle and pleasing because historically and by nature this is their (Jewish) oldest profession, “making people fight and selling weapon”. In this regard some Middle Eastern Muslim countries are used as False Front by the Jewish intelligence to pay money to hungry, illiterate and greedy clergy of poor Muslim countries of the world. These hooked up religious leaders take the responsibility to drift the simple minded local Muslim to a different faith level and gradually turn them into fanatics and suicide


  1. US—Israel allies at the moment are playing the role model of a geopolitical villain. A villain who by the law of the nature will confront a hero, whatever pre-emptive measures they can foresee and take counter measures on those, nature can never be denied. Today’s much tempered Bible still reveals that Pharaoh, the king of Egypt according to the prediction of astrologers’ took pre-emptive measures by killing all the new born baby boys of believers to save his power. Thousands of baby boys were killed, yet he could not deny the nature. His top most security lieutenant became father of a baby boy who eventually became a great prophet “The Mosses”, who ensured that villain Pharaoh; finally succumb to nature and his mommy remains as a lesson for rest of the world throughout ages. The propagators of NEWCON are blatantly denying the (Quranic/ Biblical) lesson of the nature.


  1. The way Glasnost and Perestroika was introduced through Gorbachev to dissipate Soviet Union, similarly NEWCON as a philosophy has been deliberately injected in the mind of US decision makers to turn the nation into a tyrant and use her in favor of Israel. Through the concept of NEWCON Israel in fact colonized the USA. The way British used to drain out the economy of her colony disregarding human right, same way Jewish hegemony ensuring that US economy bleeds in all possible ways to enhance the safety and security of Israel. To have clear idea as to how much US have gone under the grip of Israel a must read book is –“The Power of Israel in the United States” written by a prolific USA analyst Mr. James Petras. One need not be anti-Semitic to realize that Israel has colonized USA the way British Empire colonized half of the world before 2nd The native people of her colonies were used to fight against Japan and Germany, likewise at present US citizens and their economy are used to serve the interest of Israel. An Elephant may be very big in size with lot of power but it is so easily controlled by a tiny human rider. This is a quintessence of present US – Israel relation. Like the conscious citizens of the world the Jewish hegemony is also aware that once again they are crossing all the lines of limit to face another historical convulsion that they faced number of times in the past. The saddest part is – they can not help, it is their built in nature.


  1. If we look at the Hollywood movies we find that a highly capable and powerful villain’ (evil) finally succumbs to nature, which is good, generally to the hero of the movie. Time has come for the people of America to find out what kind of role model their leadership is playing, where country Israel is pushing them to? The biggest problem for them is – they have no independent media. Their media is independent the way people of Iraq is now independent. Their media is independent the way Jewish hegemony wants them to think independent. World media being in the hand of a villain, it is nearly impossible for the peace loving people to make this planet a peaceful place to live. It would be unjust to think that all Jews are alike, there are some good but unfortunately insignificant in number.


  1. Let us find out who all are the owners of biggest war machine industries? Invariably it is the Jew. If the world is under peace who is going to buy their product? Who all are the world media tycoons? It is the Jew. Media is required to whip up public opinion towards a particular direction and a “False Flag Operation” is required to trigger a war and then the selling of weapon is a natural consequence. Unfortunately most of the embedded intellectuals and professional analysts conduct their study according to the ground rules set by Jew dominated media. A lot of them lack vision; courage and being under the pay roll of Mossad, remain apathetic at the death of million innocent civilians. The Jews are extraordinarily rich, intelligent, owner of war industries, controls the world media and financial sector and over and above they have a first-class intelligence organization (Mossad), with all these they have an insatiable desire for affluence, that makes it so simple even for a toddler to understand that it is impossible to live in peace in this planet so long USA is under the command of Israel.
  2. By their extremely effective media and intelligent network Jewish hegemony could successfully turn the US citizens and their decision makers as their psycho-slaves. They (US decision makers) never feel secured with the safety and security of Israel, even if that demands a dash towards hell. That is the level of dedication required for a perfect Israeli psycho-slave. Under the subtle manipulation of the Jewish hegemony, US Army carrying out inhuman torture at Abu-Ghraib, Guantanamo and secret European prisons. US GI’s are killing innocent civilians including women and children, conducting carpet-bombing destroying cities with complete disregards to human right. Most of these are conducted only for the safety and security of Israel. Israel could successfully turn the top super power of the world into a tyrant. To keep Israel going, innocent US citizens are not only paying taxes out of their hard earned cash; they are paying their sweat, blood even young lives at different parts of the world for the sake of Israel. US leadership has sold out their citizen’s present and the future defying the nature, for the security of Israel. In future people will read in the history that how a great power USA got demonized by a tiny race (Jew) and became tyrant before losing their supremacy.2
  3. Americans are given the feelings that they live in a free world; enjoy
    free media which helps them to select right kind of leaders to lead them and
    help them to take right decision at right time. But the reality is: it is more then 7 years the American citizens could not be out of the Jewish media smoke screen
    to take a right decision on Iraq. Let alone the cost of war in terms of trillions, in the process, thousands of Iraqi and American lives have been sacrificed on a proven wrong cause started with lying to own people in world media, That America is engaged in a wrong war, was evoked by lot many conscious intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and others; however, all went into deaf ear under subtle manipulation of Jewish controlled media. Today, America is paying so heavily by not listening to her own conscious citizens and world opinion. The question is why? Why President GW Bush took the challenge of the whole world and had to go ahead with the war? What were his dreadful compulsions? Isn’t it the time to investigate and take lesson out of it? Or else, people will bestow the responsibility of the most powerful nation of the world on a man (President of USA) who will again be demonized by the Jewish hegemony and the world will be under ordeal repeatedly till the dooms day.
  4. Looking at the face of it, a fact should emerge in the mind of any conscious person that lot of similarity exists between the nature of GW Bush and Bin Laden, simple-minded with unidirectional approach at thinking platform level. Such kind of persons generally tries to bulldoze own idea on others once it gets set in the mind. After the selection of leadership the follow-up requirement is to have a philosophy or concept to whip up public opinion and provide popular support to such leadership. The concept New Conservatism (NEWCON) is the philosophy and Evangelic Church are the supporting elements for GW Bush and for Laden, Philosophy is Wahabism and supporting team is AL Irrespective of religion, creed or caste peace-loving intellectuals of present world need to comprehend this Jewish ploy, sooner the better. It is the responsibility of the peace loving intellectuals to crystallize the obscurity of the ball game being played by the warmonger Jew over and over again, by killing millions trying to fulfill their insatiable desire for wealth and power. In order to make this planet a peaceful place to live we have to negate such nefarious design of Jewish power. We need to understand, it is very much possible to live in peace and progress with out the presence of a real or pseudo enemy. To that end, peace-loving people of the world of any religion or language must unite under a single banner to fight back the super size Jewish war industry owners and their subtle and skillful media / intelligence manipulation. It is the responsibility of WEI and NPP Muslim intellectuals to clear the obscurity of todays” War on Terror”.




Dear reader

If you are not a Jewish warmonger or their perfect psycho slave, send it across to as many friends of yours as you can to turn our dear planet a peaceful place to live. This is an honest and sensible responsibility for all the living citizen of the world. Thanks and best wishes……………………….

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