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Empty vessels sound much

The Engo-American and allies, the preihistoric notorious Liar, are making propaganda of their fake economic boost up


Severe slag has crippled the economy of the Englo-Americans allies. Terrible natural calamities, incurable diseases and unprecedented financial crisis have been inflicted on those oppressors for torturing Muslims and defaming Islam as a punishment from Allah Ta’ala. USA  itself is facing 2 trillion USD investment deficit, per capita family debt is 120%, 160 million us citizens living below poverty limit, housing business completely collapsed, worldwide banks with big names have become bankrupt, on an average 40% layoff is going on in job market, acute unemployment problem is everywhere, 52% people are suffering from extreme despair, rate of suicide increased alarmingly, thousands of poverty stricken people are living in streets under open sky. In a word, they have turned into beggar and Brown of UK has already started begging alms from door to door of Middle East countries. But still, the Engo-Americans have not stopped telling lies. They are making propaganda of their fake economic stability where their people know how much sufferings they are facing now. But how long they will hide their empty vessels!

Actually, if they really want to have better days, this is the high time to stop torturing and oppression on Muslims and seek forgiveness for all their previous misdeeds and make Tawbah(return to sinless life) and start living a peaceful life converting to Islam. Only then, they can get relief from the punishment of Allah Ta’ala.

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