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To The Government and Muslim Brothers of Qatar

For the attention of Qatar Government and it’s Muslim brothers!


You have gone for a pact with India in the recent days for investing a huge amount of money there. It is alarming for us to learn that the Indian prime minister has tactfully approached your authority and convinced you in this regard to spare your valuable currency. Brothers! Please be aware that the cunning Monmohan Singh is a great adversary to the Muslims. You might well be aware that the Sikhs the community that Singh comes from is a long term enemy of the Muslims. Out of the religious sentiment they took a plea to destroy the Muslim community until which they would not shave their beards, mustache and get their hair cut. For the same reason they wear metallic bangles, carry a kirpan (dagger) on their waist and also wear shorts.


This is a usual phenomenon widely known in India. Both the main neighbors of India are majority Muslim countries i.e. Pakistan and Bangladesh. Since long this Sikh community had been maintaining this malicious stance against the Muslims and now that they have gone to a Muslim country for begging alms in the disguise of industrial investment. They had been slaughtering the Muslims, plundering their assets and raped thousands of Muslim women. This started in India before and since their independence in 1947 and is still going on. They have been doing it in Kashmir, Assam, Haiderabad, Gujarat, West Bengal and elsewhere in India.


A word of caution for the Muslim brothers in Qatar! Will you spend your hard earned money to promote your own enemies? Remember that Ayat Shareef in Quran Shareef that you will find the jews and christians as your major adversaries. Will you then take your foes as your friends? If you are that generous go and help millions of Muslims in Asia, Africa and Middle East even in Europe who are leading deplorable lives through tremendous hardships.


Therefore, never help the kaafirs rather help the Muslims who have rights in your earnings!

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