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Hair style other than ‘Babri’ is not Sunnat

Speech of  opposition : They say that three kinds of hair style is Sunnat. 1-keeping Small, 2-shaving totally, 3-Babri.

What is said in Islam : Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam always kept his sacrd hair in babri style. He do not used to keep his hair shaved or small. But at Hazz and Umrah he shaved his head. so shaving and keeping small is not Sunnat. Sunnat is keeping hair in Babri style. He kept babri in four styles-1-Jumma, 2- Limma, 3-Afrah, 4-Nisfu Ujunaine. That means up to ear, upto between ear and shoudier, above shoudier, upto middle of ear.

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