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Identification of true and false Aleem

Speech of  opposition :They say that those who are a Khateeb of a large Masjid, principal, or leaders of  Islamic parties are real Aleem although they commit sins continuously.(Naujubillah)

What is said in Islam :The followings are the conditions to be true aleem-

1-He possesses all the true Aqeeda (Islami believes) according to Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

2-He should have the complete knowledge about Ilme fiqah and tasaouf.

3-He will do his work according to Islami knowledge

4- He should follow Sunnat in every step.

5-He will not do any work which is against Quraan Shareef, Hadish Shareef, Izma,Quiaas.

6-He should have the fear to Allah in every stage. Otherwise he cannot be real Aleem.

Those who takes photo, does hartal, obeys democracy, burns effigies can not be real aleem because all those deeds are Haraam.

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