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Israel! Leave aside your deceitfulness and shrewd attitude!

Israel! The ceaseless enemy to the Muslims! Where are you? All your associates and friends are now out to ask for alms. They have abandoned their false vanity and are mendicant friars now! That too, to the Muslims. How funny is that! But getting alms, where is the guarantee that they can again be in a position to show that vanity? Tell your friends, the US and UK, that they should not only beg but repent for the genocides and plundering of Muslim wealth by asking exclusive pardon from Allah. They should return the assets and resources of the Muslims that they looted. And if they convert to Muslims, all the better! That means waving of all your past sins. Or else, for your obstinacy, you will keep begging and go mad. At the end, there will be no way out other than living on water and even getting crazy and head for the hell! Israel! Do circulate this decree everywhere through your intelligence networks.

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