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Make Tawbah and stay far away from helping the enemy of Muslims



(Surah Al-Maidah:57)

Certainly, among all the mankind, you will find the jews and mushriks as the worst enemy of Muslims.


To the People and Government

Allah Subhanahuwa Ta’ala has clearly declared that the jews and mushriks, hindus are the greatest enemy of Muslims, then how is it possible you and your government is helping them with money and making assistance treaty with them if you are true Muslim.


The jews, christians, mushriks, hindus and kaafirs are openly torturing, killing and oppressing Muslims all over the world in Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Chechniya, Bosnia, India. Due to their torture on Muslims, Allah Ta’ala has grabbed them with punishment and curse in the form of recurrent natural calamities, incurable disease and unprecedented economic hardship which turned them into beggar.


Allah Ta’ala taught us in Surah Fatiha to seek refuge from the jews and christians as they are out of right path and are cursed –


(Surah Al Fatiah:7)


Therefore, if you help the jews, christians, hindu and non-Muslim whom Allah Ta’ala declared as worst enemy of Muslims, then you will also be punished and cursed and become fakir and will eventually go to Jahannam.


So, make tawbah from such mistakes and render all kind of assistance to Muslim brothers and make all the treaty with Muslim countries otherwise you will have tough days ahead.

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