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The leader of the world beggars Gordon Brown and his alms donors!

Due to the oppression of the countries of jews and christians like Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia, Australia and others- the infernos of Allah Pak has already been started on jews and christians like cyclones, floods, conflagrations, earth quake, extreme economic crisis etc.


At this worst situation, they are roaming for begging alms to different Muslim countries including Middle East. Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister himself is the leader of this beggars group. In this circumstance, no Muslim should give alms them in no way rather kick them out. Otherwise, those Muslim countries which will help them will also fall in the infernos of Allah Pak.


In the mean time, Libya did inexcusable offence giving 1500 millions U.S. Dollars to USA. Libya will have to show extreme causes for this type of misdeed. It should never be done again for Libya to do so. Otherwise, a part of infernos will be fallen on them.


Likewise, kaafirs are begging to Saudi Arabia. It is specially noticeable for Saudi Government that if they give them a single money they will also be fallen in the infernos of Allah Ta’aala very soon.


The assurance of giving alms which has been given by the businessman of Qatar and Abu Dhabi in the name of purchasing the share of British Barkley Bank is to be withdrawn.


The jews and the christians will also have to be careful about the infernos of Allah Ta’aala. The oppression on Muslims will have to be stopped. Their soldiers will have to be removed from all the Muslim countries. Otherwise, the infernos which have already been applied on them will be more tremendous.


At present, they are facing the infernos of Allah Pak on the land. After that, if they do not stop those misdeeds, they will have to live in the water and even after if they do not stop it, they will have to roam from streets to streets as mad persons.


Therefore, still now, the jew and christians of Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia, Australia and other countries have time to stop the oppression on Muslims and to be converted in Islam by making ‘Taw bah’ (to be get purified). Only then, they will be saved from the infernos of Allah Pak. 

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