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Make Tawbah from helping the Kaafirs

Be Afraid of Allah Ta’ala, Be Careful

Shaddad, Namrud, Pharao, Haman, Karoon all are now the insects of Jahannam

Before the time runs out

Make Tawbah from helping the Kaafirs


Oh the Rulers and People of Muslim countries!

Learn from the history- Shaddad had ruled for 1000 years, Namrud for 1700 years, Farao for 400 years, but where are they now? They all are the insects of Jahannam as they oppressed and tortured Muslims.


So, be alert before the sun rises from west and before the gurgle of death starts. Make Tawbah from all kinds of sins and stop helping the jews, christians, hindu, buddhist, mushriks and kaafirs. Punishment of Allah Ta’ala has devastated their economy and turned them into beggar as they are torturing Muslims all over the world.


You will also face the same treatment and punishment from Allah Ta’ala if you keep relation with those barbarian kaafirs and non-Muslims. Rather, help all the Muslims who are suffering and make treaty with Muslim countries and pressurize the jews, christians, hindus, buddhists, kaafirs and non-Muslims to stop torture on Muslims immediately and withdraw their troops from Muslim countries. Only then you will receive peace in life bother here and hereafter.

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