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‘Milad-Quiam’is occasion is legal and ‘Sunnat’

Speech of  opposition : Occasion of Milaad Shareef is ‘Bidaat. And “Quiaam (Standing for the respect of Hujur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is sick. Some of them compared Milad-Quiaam a Hindu’s ‘Krishna-Leela’ song.

What is said in Islam : Milad Shareef         is Sunnate sahaba. And ‘Quiaam is obeyed by many Imaam-Mujtahid, Aawlia-E-Kiram and true aleem. That is called ‘Sunnat E Ummat or Mustahsan’. If  Milad-Quiaam is ‘Bidaat then none of them would obey that. Did they did wrong? (Naujubillah). So Milaad-Quiaam isnot ‘Bidaat  but it is ‘Sunnat e Mustahsan’ and legal.

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