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Noor-E-Mujassam Habeebullah Hujurpak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam is Hazir (present everywhere) and Nazir (witnessing everything)

These blockheads must be said: to believe instead of Allah pak anyone else Hazir and Nazir is shirq, where did you get this assertion? DO u have any further proofs  for it? They don’t have any indeed.

Consequently the question arise to them : when you use the title ‘Maolana’ behind your name doesn’t this cause shirq her ? Because Khwalique Malik Allah Pak Subanahut’ala  says Himself Maolana . Allah Pak  uses this word for his admiration , which is said on sura Bakarah. SO , how you can title urself Maolana? Even u don’t claim for shirq here.

But Huzur  Pak Swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam  the protector of I’man, donor of Hedayet, Nazat( relief) and Shafayet( recommender  to Allah pak), againt  Him is your fatwa. Naujubillah. Are you Muslim ? or Munafiq and Murtad.




Hippocrates! Do you know the Ma’sala’a of Allah Pak Himself being Hazir and Nazir? Allah Pak is free from Jisim ie. physical body and the appearance like us . Then from the previous claims how can He be Hazir and Nazir. Actually Allah pak bodily or in appearance is not present anywhere rather by his sifot ie. By Ilom and kudrat along with sifot unreal entity he is present at anywhere He wishes to be.


And noore Mujassam Habibullah Huzur Pak swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam with His canonized supreme spiritual knowledge and Muziza ( mostly known as prophetical sacred power ) along with His Sifot- nur and blessings He is present and observer of anywhere and anything in this universe( Hazir and Nazir) And  because of having  His physical appearance He is right now staying at His honorable and dignified Rowza Sharif so, He will not go corporally anywhere despite of having aptitude to move anywhere  according to His honorary wish. Mujtahid- Imams of Ahle Sunnot wal jamat are unanimous in this point that if Huzur Pak Swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam ,. He wakes up with his body from Rawja sharif qiyamot will occur on that time. So alike his real honorable body  He posses a similar honorable body and in this body He presents and observes everything and because of this reason His ashqiues see Him in their dignified dream and in their mushada, even in their real eyes along with conversation with Him.


It is  described from Bukhari Sharif and Muslim sharif : Huzur Pak Swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam He said:

Allah Pak gives me had’iya everything ( had’iya- a gift of loving someone very much) And  certainly I  am the distributor of that.

Ie. Allah Pak  His al blessings He gives to his Habib Huzur Pak Swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam And Habibullah HUzur Pak Swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam distribute these blessings according to His honorable wish. ( SubahanAllah).

Now if the distributor of the sacred blessing for the all creatures  is not present – Hazir,  everywhere and and observe everything -Nazir , then how he would distribute them among their takers. So easily seen that Huzur Pak Swallahu alaihi Wa sallam  is the distributor for the all creatures then he is Hazir and Naazir at everywhere.

Noore mujassam Habibullah Huzur Pak Swallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is Hazir or corporally present at everywhere in this created universe and everything observer or Nazir. In this topics from  Had’rat Imam T’wabarani Rahmat-ullahe Alaihe and Had’rat Nwaim Ibne Umar Rahmat-ullahe Alaihe a Hadith sharif is described . Noore Mujassam Habibullah Alaihi Wa Sallan He Said:

Surely, Allah has kept this world at my eyes particularly that I can see this world and until Qiyamat ( the judgement Day)  creations are to be created and  incidents are awaiting to be taken places here like as I see my open hand.

( Twabarani ., Mishquat)

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