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Oh! Our Muslims brothers of Assam!

Muslims fear only Allah Ta’ala, Muslims do not care the dunya. How much cold blood will be shed like cowards! If blood is to shed then we will give our hot blood as a genuine Muslim. If we survive, we are Gazi, if we die, we are shaheed. Now is the time to shed warm blood spirited with Imaan. How long shall we remain cowardice lifeless & inert???  How many more brothers will loose their lives! How many mothers will become childless! How many more sisters will be tortured! How many fathers will be fallen to the ground! How many children will be taken away from the parents!

How many? How many? How many?

Not anymore! Not anymore! Not anymore!

Time is up to remain inert, lifeless and helpless! As we are giving blood, why don’t we shed the blood like genuine Muslims? We are the Bandah of Allah Ta’ala, we have nothing to be afraid of. We are 400 millions of Muslims living in India!!!  They are going on killing, looting, torturing, rampaging us and also accusing us of their own misdeeds -No way! We shall not accept this anymore. We will uproot the venomous teeth of their mean conspiracy. We wont let the Assam turn like Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan- this is the high time to  sacrifice warm blood of Muslims. As we have to die, we will embrace the death as a Shaheed after killing at least 10 of them- we have to expel those unsacred people out of our land.  Oh Muslims of Assam, Please, Rise up! Start Eruption of sleeping volcano breaking off the crater!

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