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Oh! Arabian Muslims of Abu Dhabi! Be Careful!

Oh! Muslim brothers of Abu Dhabi- Dubai! Are not you  observing that the Jews, mushrik, christians group are making up Dubai as the industry of naked shameless persons? But you are old Arabian Muslims! Today some Satan like ghost of jews and christians have set on your neck. Your Ameer, sheikh sultan, who is faasik-fujjar, is congratulating them. They are converting you into non-believer (kaafir). Lara datta, the Indian naked actress, has declared Abu Dhabi as new Switzerland through the Indo-Asian news service. So, that group is coming to Dubai as a swarm of locusts. The ill look of the leader of the world beggars, international terrorist, Gordon Brown has been fallen on Abu Dhabi; it is the high time to kick them out from the Arab world for the sake of Islam and Islamic heritage. Otherwise, they will make you empty.

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