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Heartiest Congratulations! Mr. Barak Obama!

It is indeed an epoch-making history that you have made the first ever non-white American President. Certainly this bears a special significance of your abilities and the point of change that you advocated. This was the crux of your campaigns and you could successfully convince the Americans that voting McCain would be voting the Bush-Chenny alliance once again for the third time. That the Americans could not afford which you were rightly bringing home. However, you must remember that change you should bring in its real senses; may it be for the troop’s deployment in Iraq or your policy toward Iran or Syria or for that matter, toward Asia as a whole. Your fore parents were Muslims. Therefore, you should consider a lot for the Muslims for they have enormous expectations from you. Get your troops back from the Muslim world, especially from Iraq and Afghanistan. This would bring ever lasting peace and happiness for you and your country if you would stop all repressions on the Muslims. We invite you to come back to your fore-parents’ religion – Islam, because that’s the only true and recognized religion conferred upon by Allah.

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