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Oh Muslims! Please Rise Up! Be Complete Muslim! Be Spirited!


The Prime Attention of Allah Sub’haanahuwaTa’aala, The True WaliAllah of this age, Mujaddidu A’azam, Khwaleefatullah, Kwaleefatur Rwasoolullah, Awlaadur Rwasool, SwaahibeSultwaanin Nasweer, Mamduh Hazrat Murshid Qiblah MuddaZilluhul ‘Aalee of RajarbagDorbar Shareef is present in the world. Due to His Grand Rectification and the Mubaarak Munajat Shareef, the curse of Allah Pak Has already been started on all types of non-Muslim countries, regions, areas like the economic downfall, bankruptcy, flood, cyclone, earth quake, conflagration. He says, “If they do not stop torturing on the Muslims, they will have to live in the water very soon, will be mad and will be in the footpath for begging, will beg to the Muslim Countries.” So, your duty is to follow His Mubaarak Direction, ought to read the Daily Newspaper ‘Al Ihsan’ ( everyday, try to meet with Him for at least once, to follow the rules and regulations of Quran Shareef, ‘Hadis Shareef, Ijma and Qias. Otherwise, you also will fall in the curse of Allah Pak if you support the kafirs, keep the relation with kafirs and perform the culture of kafirs.

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