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Have you seen the Curse of Allah Ta’ala?

O the anti-Muslim and anti-islamic evil-power! Have you seen the Curse of Allah Ta’ala!! Yet to see more, there is more to come….

It is stated in a compostion published in the online New York times of the month of August of this year that due to the miserable condition of the American economics, the USA citizens have to change their way of livings from usual life-style. There is no altenative to this. In a simple word, they have to be very much stringent. How many people can put up with such an economic crisis which occurred after living extravagant life by the cost of torture and explotation of other people? In fact, on the next month, that is, in September, one person of Los Angeles of USA out of 73 thousand homeless people suicided by pouring petrol on his own body and abortively tried to escape the curse and agony of this world. On 2nd instant of the month of November, the police found out the dead bodies of 5 homeless people.  On the same time, the british police inspector Gordon Brown, the intimate accomplice of the Americans, is approaching door to door of different countried of middle east with a sac of collecting alms for begging. Actually, this is just the beginning of  the punishment and curse of Allah Ta’ala which is imposed on them due to the reason of their worldwide anti-islamic and anti-muslim mal-practice. There is more to come in future…….

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