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What are the sunnats of the Eid day?

The sunnats of the Eid day- (1) to rise very early in the morning, (2) to bath, (3) to   do miswak, (4) to wear new and neat & clean dress according to ability, (5) to use odor, (6) to accomplish Sodakatul Fitr before solat, (7) to eat some sweet …

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Can women perform the salat (prayer) of ‘Eid?

There is no salat of  ‘Eid and Jumu’a for women. Because Jamat is a condition for ‘Eid and Jumu’a salat. According to the Hanafi Ma’zhab, there must be minimum three musolli except Imam. Otherwise, ‘Eid and Jumu’a salat won’t be completed.  And, there is a fatwa that, it is not …

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Strong protest from ANJUMAAN-I-AL-BAIYINAAT

Titanic, the German satire magazine is staging competition to hurt the sentiment of 2500 millions of Muslims. A look-a-like competition on Sayeedul Mursaleen, Imaamul Mursaleen, Noor-i-Mujassam, Habibullah Rwasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Na’ujubillah) is slated to take place during the Frankfurt Book Fair and it has already offended and outraged …

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