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Pas Anfas ( The Jikr of Breathing)

Assalamu alaikum,

So, nice that you are interested to learn. Please, do as it is described below. If you do not understand, please, feel free to ask me.

Pas Anfas ( The Jikr of Breathing)-Pas Anfas means inhale/exhale

While breathing out air by nose, think with concentration “LA ILAHA”

While breathing in air by nose, think with concentration ” ILLALLAH”

You should not make sound by mouth, just do it with attention/concentration.

While air out by nose, think “la ilaha” and all atheist thinking, attraction to dunya are getting out of you. While air in by nose think “illallah” and love of Allah Ta’ala is entering into you.


By doing this Jikr (called Pas-Anfas), you will get Rahmat of Allah Ta’ala, your sins will be forgiven and deleted, no misfortunes and troubles will occur, there will be Barakat(prosperity) in Riziq and you will die as a Muslim/Mu’min in the last breath.


You can do the Jikr while working, talking, eating, sitting, walking, reading and even in sleep but none will know you are doing Jikr. Air out by nose, think “la ilaha”; air in by nose, think  ” illallah”  with concentration.


If you can practice it for some days, gradually this Jikr will run automatically with your breathing. Specially, if you do it before sleeping, when you wake up, you will find that the Jikr is running spontaneously.


Please, try to do it as much as you can with all your breaths; try for all your breaths until death. Try to do it in every breath of your life from now onwards.

If you practice it for some days, it will be permanent in your breathing and will run automatically.


This Jikr have to be done 24 hours except in freshroom( don’t do the Jikr when you are in ‘fresh room’). During Swalat( performing prayer) if Pas Anfas runs automatically, then it is acceptable but do not try to start or run the Jikr by yourself while you are in swalat.




Tahjib-Tamuddun Department

Rajarbag Shareef, Dhaka-1217


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