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Relevant discussion on Moon sighting and new lunar date-48

Discussion of the present Issue: Thinking absurd (Dreaming false), a baseless organization is spreading confusion in the whole country to follow a single hizri calendar throughout the globe, patronized  by the Jews and financed by the Wahhabi leaders of Saudi Arabia. Under the name of “Real Hizri calendar Implementation Council Bangladesh”, this organization is making different propaganda in favour of following a single hizri calendar and for observing Eid in a single day throughout the world. They have presented ninety impractical logics regarding their opinion. Continuously we will publish sharia supported authentic information against their described sharia violated and self-made logics, Inshallh. They have written-


Opinion no 35: The exalted Allah pak dictates, the sun and moon moves punctually. (Sura Ar-Rahman, Ayah Shareef -5).similarly we can use calculation which has been justified by science.

Opinion no 36: Using calculations, the scientists are predicting date, time and time period of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse accurately. Therefore, why will we not believe in calculated lunar date, which is proved (supported) by the Quran shareef?

Answer of opinion no 35 and 36: The exalted Allah pak dictates in the sura Ar-Rahman, ayah no 5 regarding the sun and the moon that the sun and moon moves punctually. Usually general people (not expert in quranic tafsir) should not give interpretation of ayah shareef of Quran shareef; it should be interpreted by the wise who knows. It is not possible to make tafsir without knowledge of hadis shareef, izma, Qyias and ilme laddun (divine knowledge).The opinion regarding the start of Arabic month using moon calculation that is made by so called engineer Mr.emanul Haque inspired by the term “punctually” described in the ayat shareef is nothing but clear thoughtless statement. Here, the punctual movement of sun and moon means their orbital movement in other words it is their rotation by the grace of Allah pak.

Not only the sun and the moon but the whole universe is rotating by the kudrot of Allah Pak. As these heavenly bodies are rotating following a certain rule, it does not mean Arabic months are to be started using moon calculation.ususally, Wahhabis and solafis give such self-made explanation. The clear rule that is dictated in hadis shareef to start Arabic month is Arabic months are to be started by seeing the crescent moon.

There are no sharia documents in favour of his opinion that “Arabic months are to be started using moon calculation because solar and lunar eclipse time are determined”.

To start the Arabic month, sighting is the criteria not calculation. Using calculation, it cannot be told accurately that the crescent will certainly be visible. Month never starts from the solar and lunar eclipse time and there is no need of calculation to know this time. People can observe when solar and lunar eclipses start. As the Arabic month starts after seeing the crescent, so it is needed to look it and it could be seen in 29 days of the month or not. But starting Arabic month using calculation is matter of ignorance. It is kufri to provide fake logic of “punctual movement of sun and moon “in favour of calculation.

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