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Rewards for Sacred Zakat Collections

Zakat collector will be benefited as same as far’d Ibadat (prayer) without spending own property.

  1. Paying zakat is khasw (real) sunnat (work of Huzur Pak swllallahu alihi wa-sallam).
  2. Everybody will be profited those who help in collecting zakat.
  3. Will be benefited same as zakat payer without spending own property.
  4. Protesting

There is no restriction (hesitation): There is a strong order for collecting zakat, have to face to fight against the non-believer of prayer (namaz)and zakat.

قال حضرت ابو بكر صديق رضى الله تعالى عنه والله لا قاتلن من ارتد عن الزكوة

‘‘ ‘Hadrwat Abu Bakar Swiddik Alaihis Salaam says, One who violates the zakat, it may be a rope of camel, promise to Allah Pak! I will declare fighting (zihad) against him.’’

He again says, ‘‘ Promise to Allah Pak! By all means I will declare fighting (zihad) against them who difference between the prayet (namaz) and zakat. That means violate the zakat.’’

  • Has to tell strongly.
  • Safe from haram (invalid).
  • If we did not collect zakat, haram will mixed with pure, you will be Jahnnami.
  • We have come here in difficulties and you have got chance to pay zakat.

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