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It is Sunnat to utter ‘Saani Azaan’ into Masjid

Speech of  opposition : They say that it is Maqruh to give Jumma’s Saani azaan beside Mimbar in the Masjid. It is Sunnat to give Saani Azaan outside of the Masjid.

What is said in Islam : During the time of Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam , Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique Radiallahu Taala Anhu and Hazrat Umar Radiallahu Taala Anhu , there was only one Azaan in Jumma which was given at the Masjid door. But during the time of Hazrat Usman Radiallahu Taala Anhu , he introduced another azaan by Iztihad for necessity. That azaan was given at a place called ‘Jaora’. and he ordered to give the previous azaan in the Masjid beside Mimbar in front of Khateeb. Since then Saani azaan is used to be given in the Masjid. It is an Izma of Sahaba E kiram Radiallahu Taala Anhu , and opposing that is kufri. So it is Sunnate Sahaba to to give Saani azaan in the Masjid.

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