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Ultimate answer to the objection of La’Majhabi (Denier of Majhab) concerning sacred Shab-e-Baraat

La’Majhabi/ so-called Ahle ‘Hadee’s sect opposes all the Sahih (Authentic) ‘Hadee’s Shareef in order to deny the sacred Shab-e-Baraat, in other words, Lailatun Nisfi Min Sha’ban. They exclusively spread propaganda about the sacred Shab-e-Baraat despite countless irrefutable documents which supports it. As an ultimate answer to that, the Fa’dweelat (Significance) of sacred Shab-e-Baraat will be presented today along with irrefutable documents. Insha Allah!

It is mentioned in page 115 of the sacred Mishkat Shareef-


عن حضرت على عليه السلام قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم اذا كانت ليلة النصف من شعبان فقوموا ليلها وصوموا يومها فان الله تعالى ينزل فيها لغروب الشمس الى السماء الدنيا فيقول الا من مستغفر فاغفرله الا من مسترزق فارزقه الا مبتلى فاعافيه الا كذا الا كذا حتى يطلع الفجر. رواه ابن ماجه.

Meaning: “’Ameerul Mu’mineen, Khwaleefatul Muslimeen, Saiyiduna ‘Ha’drwat ‘Aalee Karramallahu Wazhahu ‘Alaihis Salaam narrates, Noor-e-Mujassam ‘Habeebullah ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam dictates, “ when the mid-Sha’ban, that is, Lailatul Baraat approaches, stay awake in the night and perform ‘Ibaadat (Prayer) and  keep Saom (Fast) in the day. Certainly, Allah Pak descends to the sky nearest to earth with the sunset and keeps announcing, “Is there anyone who begs mercy? I shall forgive him. Is there anyone who begs for livelihood? I shall grant him ample livelihood. Is there anyone who is in trouble? I shall free him from that. Attention! Attention!” Allah Pak keeps announcing this till Fajar.” (Ibne Majah 1/144: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 1388, Ibne Hibban: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 1388, Baihaki Shuabul  Eemaan 5/454: ‘Hadee’s 3822, Mishkatul Masabih 2/245: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 1233, Dailami Shareef 1/259: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 1007, Targeev wat Tarheeb 2/75: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 155, Baihaki Fa’dwayil-e-Waqt 1/122: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 24, Jamius Sagir Li Suyuti: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 1665, Misbahul Jujah: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 491, Kanzul Ummal 12/314: ‘Hadee’s Shareef 35177, Umdatul Qari Sharhe Bukhari 11/82, Mawahib-e-Ladunniyah 3/300, Mirkat 3rd Kha (2)- 195-196, Miryatul Manajih 3rd Kha- 293-294-295, Ashyatul Lumyat 4/212)

The honorable Rabi of this sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef are-

  1. Ameerul Mu’mineen, Khwaleefatul Muslimeen Saiyiduna ‘Ha’drwat ‘Aalee Karramallahu Wazhahu ‘Alaihis Salaam; the fourth among ‘Ha’drwat Khulafa-e-Rwashideen ‘Alaihis Salaam (The four righteous caliphs)
  2. ‘Ha’drwat Muabiya Ibne Abdullah Ibne Ja’far Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi; ‘Ha’drwat Ibne Hazar Askalani Rwa’hamtullahi ‘Alaihi certifies Him saying, “He is reliable and included among the trusted Rabi.”
  3. ‘Ha’drwat Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi; He was reliable. (Mizanul Etedal)
  4. ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi; although ‘Ha’drwat Imaam Bukhari Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi and ‘Ha’drwat Imaam Nasayi Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi found Him Dwa’eef (Weak), however ‘Ha’drwat Imaam Zahabi Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi recognized Him as a great Fakeeh and Kazi of Iraq. (Mizanul Etedal 4/503)

Moreover, one of the Imaams who wrote the books of Sihah Sittah (Famous six books of authentic ‘Hadee’s Shareef), ‘Ha’drwat Abu Dawood Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi recognizes Him saying, “He is the Mufti of sacred Madina Shareef.” (Tahzibut Tahzib 12/27, Mizanul Etedal 4/461)

  1. ‘Ha’drwat Abdur Razzak Ibnu Hammam Ibne Nafe Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi; ‘Ha’drwat Imaam Ahmad Ibne Hambal Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi recognized Him as a great, reliable Rabi of sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef. (Tajkiratul Huffaz 1/364)
  2. ‘Ha’drwat Hasan Bin ‘Aalee Al-Khalal Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi; ‘Ha’drwat Khwatib Baghdadi Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi said, “He is reliable and a Hafiz (Memorizer) of sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef.” (Tarikh-e-Baghdad 7/425)

Also ‘Ha’drwat Ibne Hazar Askalani Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi said, “He is reliable and a Hafiz (Memorizer) of sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef. (Tahzibut Tahzib 2/302)

Salafi sect raises objection about the fourth Rabi of the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef, ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi. The derailed Nasiruddin Albani along with some derailed so-called Salafi mentors accused Him of forging ‘Hadee’s Shareef. However, ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi was sequently a Kazi, Mufti and a Fakeeh. Therefore, we cannot leave without investigating the issues of allegation raised by derailed Wahhabi and Salafi sects. For that, we need to highlight the minimum requirements for appointing a Kazi during those days. The defining characteristic of a Kazi is possessing high Taqwa (Fearing Allah Pak). Along with this, He must have deep knowledge in sacred Quran Shareef, sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef, sacred Izma Shareef and sacred Kiyas Shareef. He must be an Adil, that is, very impartial and equitable and unparalleled judicious. Not only that, A Kazi must be fully conversant with the command of 1000 imperative Ayat Shareef, 1000 prohibitive Ayat Shareef, 1000 promise-indicative Ayat Shareef, 1000 fear-indicative Ayat Shareef, 1000 incident-indicative Ayat Shareef, 1000 suggestive Ayat Shareef, 250 Halaal-indicative Ayat Shareef, 250 ‘Harwaam-indicative Ayat Shareef, 100 Tasbeeh-indicative Ayat Shareef and 66 Ayat Shareef on various issues. In addition, He must be a Hafiz (Memorizer) of thousands of sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef. Also, He must be exceptionally truthful. As He is a Justice, so the measure of His competency is easily conceivable. (Documents: The books of Fiqah)

So it is easy to understand, a Kazi cannot be Matruk, that is, remissible. Therefore, there remains even no chance of doubt that Hafiz (Memorizer) of more than seventy thousand sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef and a Kazi ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi is Sikah (Reliable) as a Rabi.
‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahu ‘Alaihi was not only a Kazi, but also a Fakeeh. (Mizanul Etedal 4/503)

The following words of Imaamus Shariat Wat Tariqat, ‘Ha’drwat Imaam ‘Hasan Basri Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi is sufficient to substantiate the competency of a Fakeeh.


*انما الفقيه الزاهد فى الد نيا الراغب فى الا خرة البصير بذنبه المدائم على عبادة ربه الورع الكف عن اعراض المسلمين العفيف عن اموالهم النا صح لجماعتهم.

Meaning: “Indeed a Fakeeh is that person who is turned away from this world, inclined to the afterlife, always alert of committing sin, always busy in ‘Ibaadat (Prayer), a devotee who would never ruin the honor of Muslims, who has no obsession for wealth and  who always keeps advising His sub-ordinates.” (Tafseer-e-Kabeer)

So, after going through the above mentioned Qawl Shareef (Speech) it is needless to describe what kind of personality ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah was as a Fakeeh.

Apart from that, renowned Imaam ‘Ha’drwat Abu Dawood Rwa’hmatrullahi ‘Alaihi, who wrote the famous book Sunane Abu Dawood which is one of the six books of Sihah Sittah Shareef, describes ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi saying, “He was the Mufti of sacred Madina Shareef.” (Tahzibut Tahzib, 12/27, Mizanul Etedal 4/461)

And while describing the characteristics of a Mufti, Hafiz of sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef ‘Ha’drwat Jalaluddin Suyuti Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi said, “A Mufti must possess the sacred Ilm-e-Ladunni (Knowledge given by Allah Pak).” (Al Itkan Fi Ulumil Quran)

So, it is easy to understand that ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi possessed outstanding qualities. And any person with average IQ should guess that how much competency one should have in order to become the Mufti of sacred Madina Shareef.

So one should be careful to claim a Rabi like ‘Ha’drwat Ibnu Abi Basrah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi to be Matruk. He was not at all Matruk (Remissible); rather He was an expert in sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef along with being a Kazi, Mufti and Fakeeh. Sub’haanAllah! Basically the truth is- those are remissible who call Him so.

Besides, the following sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef is mentioned in both sacred Bukhari Shareef and sacred Muslim Shareef-

عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال: ينزل ربنا تبارك وتعالى في كل ليلة إلى سماء الدنيا حين يبقى ثلث الليل الآخر فيقول من يدعوني فأستجيب له ومن يسألني فأعطيه ومن يستغفرني فأغفرله. (أخرجه البخاري ومسلم)

Meaning: It is narrated from ‘Ha’drwat Abu Huraira Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu. Saiyidul Mursaleen, Imaamul Mursaleen, Noor-e-Mujassam ‘Habeebullah ‘Hu’dur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam dictates, “Allah Pak descends to the sky nearest to earth when one-third of the night is remaining and keeps announcing, “Who is there to make Dua’a (Supplication) to me? I shall grant his Dua’a (Supplication). Who is there to beg to me? I shall give him that. Who is there to seek forgiveness from me? I shall forgive him.” (Sacred Bukhari Shareef: sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef- 1094, sacred Muslim Shareef: sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef 1808)

So the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef which is described in sacred Bukhari Shareef and sacred Muslim Shareef supports the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef narrated by Ameerul Mu’mineen, Khwaleefatul Muslimeen, Saiyiduna ‘Ha’drwat ‘Aalee Karramallahu Wazhahu ‘Alaihis Salaam. Therefore, the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef on sacred Lailatul Baraat becomes stronger receiving the support of the sacred Bukhari Shareef and sacred Muslim Shareef.

It is mentioned in Mawahebul Ladunniya, “There is Shahed ‘Hadee’s Shareef supporting the above mentioned sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef; so the uniqueness of the ‘Hadee’s Shareef is recognized.”

Moreover, there is a Baab (chapter) on the sacred Lailatul Baraat in the sacred Ibne Majah Shareef, one of the books of Sihah Sittah (Six books of authentic ‘Hadee’s Shareef). The name of the Baab (Chapter) is mentioned in Page 100 of sacred Ibne Majah Shareef,

باب ماجاء فى ليلة النصف من شعبان

Now the thing is- if there were no existence of sacred Lailatun Nisfi Min Sha’ban or Shab-e-Baraat, then why did ‘Ha’drwat Imaam Ibne Majah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi include a separate chapter on it? And why did He describe sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef concerning it? Did Hafiz (Memorizer) of sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef, Imaam ‘Ha’drwat Ibne Majah Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihi have less knowledge and understanding than that of the derailed Salafi sect?

Many Imaam thoroughly investigated the sacred Ibne Majah Shareef and they gave many statements regarding many sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef. However, none of them made any claim on the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef regarding Shab-e-Baraat to be forged.
So it has been substantiated by irrefutable documents that the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef concerning Shab-e-Baraat, which is described by Ameerul Mu’mineen, Khwaleefatul Muslimeen, Saiyiduna ‘Ha’drwat ‘Aalee Karramallahu Wazhahu ‘Alaihis Salaam, is undoubtedly Sahih (Authentic).
To sum up, the Salafi-Wahhabi and Ahle ‘Hadee’s sects will have the audacity to claim Lailatul Baraat a Bidaat even in their dreams after the following surprise.

To their surprise their leading Mu’haddi’s (who even declared ‘Hadee’s of sacred Bukhari Shareef and sacred Muslim Shareef to be weak) could not deny the authenticity of the sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef regarding Lailatun Nisfi Min Sha’ban (15th night of Sha’ban) which is called “Lailatul Baraat (i.e. Shab-e-Baraat)”

Albani in his Silsilat al ‘Hadee’s-as-Sahiha (3/135) mentions

Meaning: “Allah Pak turns towards his creation in the Night of “MID-SHABAN” and forgives all of them except for a Mushrik and one who hates other people” (Albani calls it); A SAHIH ‘Hadee’s narrated by a group of Sahaba-e-Kiram Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhum  with different routes (Turuq) such as from ‘Ha’drwat Muaz Bin Jabal Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu, ‘Ha’drwat Abu Salabah Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu,  ‘Ha’drwat Abdullah Ibne Umar Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu,  ‘Ha’drwat Abu Musa al Ashari Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu,  ‘Ha’drwat Abu Huraira Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu,  ‘Ha’drwat Abu Bakar Siddiq ‘Alaihis Salaam, ‘Ha’drwat Awf Bin Malik Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu and Ummul Mu’mineen ‘Ha’drwat Ayesha Siddiqa ‘Alaihas Salaam. The sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef narrated by ‘Ha’drwat Muaz Bin Jabal Rwa’diallahu Ta’aala ‘Anhu comes through Makhul from Malik bin Yakhamir and it is “MARFU” narrated by Ibn Abi Asim in his As-Sunnah ‘Hadee’s #512

[Nasir ud din Albani in Silsilat ul-‘Hadee’s-as Sahiha, Volume No. 3, Page No. 135 #1144]

Albani further declares 2 more sacred ‘Hadee’s Shareef as “HASSAN” and 1 to be “Mursil Jayyid”

Ouch!! didn’t Albani just become a Bidati?

Let us hope that all the confusions and objections of the Salafi, Wahhabi and La Majhabi (Denier of Majhab) sects concerning Lailatul Baraat (Shab-e-Baraat) will end here.

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