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What is the Sunnah time for Eid prayer?

From full sun rise (means from the end of makaruh oyakta or 23 minutes later from  the sunrise) starts the Eid Prayer time(oyakta) . The time of Eid prayer stays till the yahaoyatula kubara or yaoyala or sharayi half day or noon means the sun (estaoya) align starts
23 minutes after the end of Fazor time(oyakta) is the makaruh oyakta and then starts the Eid prayer time and it stays till 1 hour before  Zohor time(oyakta). Eid prayer will not be allowed before 23 minutes pass due to clock from the full sun rise, means makaruh oyakta and last 1 hour before  zahar time(oyakta), which is also known as makaruh time(oyakta), means Eid prayer will not allowed after yahaoyatula kubara or  sun estaoya(along with) starts.


It’s been commend  in the hadith about the sunnah time of Eid prayer as “,In the Eid day Habibullah Huzur Pak Sallahu Alihi wa Sallam used to take bath early in the morning in the Huzura Sharif right after saying Fazor prayer and In Eid-ul-Fitr,He used to eat odd number of dates and palms and in Eid-ul-Azha,He used to eat nothing before going to Eid gah. He used to say Eid prayer right in time. And after that he used to address(khudba) the fellow muslim brothers and advice them.

According to Hazrat Abul Hoayres (R),” Habibullah Huzur Pak Sallahu Alihi wa Sallam ordered Hazrat Amar Ibn Hazam (R) via a letter while he was the governor of Nazran to say the Eid-ul-Azha prayer in the early morning and Eid-ul-Fitr prayer a bit later than  Eid-ul-Azha and advice people afterwards.”

So, saying Eid prayer in the early morning is Sunnah. For the honor of Eid prayer and not to be late in Eid prayer, on Eid day along with Eshraq, saying other prayers is prohibited.

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