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Fatwah of Hijab being Fard-e- Ayeen: The meaning of Hijab

Al-Baiyinaat 113

(ed Jan 2003)

The word Hijab has appeared in the Quran Sharif a number of times which had different meanings like a veil, a cover, wall etc. But mostly it means a veil. Following our discussions on Hijab and different meanings as it appeared in the Quran Sharif:


Allah (Jallah Shanuhu) does Irshad in the Quran Shareef,

Meaning: Heaven dwellers would call the people in the hell and ask them, “We got them true whatever our Lord promised us. So have you got your one true too?” They would reply in positive. Then one announcer would announce in between both the parties, saying, “Curse be upon those Zaalim (oppressors) who obstructed in Allah’s ways and made efforts to find faults in them. They were non-believers in the life after death too.” There would be a wall between those two. There would be many people on the A’raf (___). They would identify each other with their signs. Calling the Heaven dwellers, they would say, “Peace be upon you.” They would still not enter the Heaven but would take any initiative. When their looks would fall upon those in the hell, they would urge, “O Lord! Please don’t get us mixed with those Zaalims.” (Sura A’raf/44-47)


In the Ayat حِجَبٌ the word بَيْنَهُمَا حِجِبٌ Bainahuma Hijabun meant a wall which would be placed in between the dwellers of the Heaven and the hell.

حِجَبٌ Hijab means Concealment, a cover


Allah does Irshad that,

Meaning: I gifted Hazrat Daud Alaihis Salam to Hazrat Sulaiman Alaihis Salam. He is a superior individual. He was a returnee. When in the afternoon, the superior quality horses were placed before him, then he consented, “I have liked these horses remembering my own Lord.” Even those went beyond eye-sights. Then he instructed, ‘get them back.’ Then he made affectionate touches over their feet and throats. (Sura Swad/30-33)




Should be quoted from English Quran Sharif (Sura Ha Mim Sijda 1-5)

Meaning: In the Ayats, the word Hijab has appeared as cover, concealment, coating etc.

حِجَبٌ Hijab means veil


Allah says :

Meaning: O Believers! Do not enter Nabi Karim Sallallahu Alahi Wa Sallam’s home for food without waiting and unless you have been called in. Once called, go, get in, have food and leave immediately at your own. Do not engage yourselves in gossips; definitely this is painful for Nabi Karim Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. He feels shy in telling you to leave but Allah does not. If you would need something from His Lady Wives, do ask it from (outside a curtain) within a cover of a curtain. This is a better reason for them as well as for your holiness. (Sura Ahzab/53) ….QFQ


Meaning: It would never happen that, Allah would speak to a man. But will do so by sending messages (Wahi) or through an Angel.  And after that, whatever Allah wants, the Angel would carry them to him. Definitely Allah is the wisest of all. (Sura Shura/51)…. QFQ



Meaning: O my Habib! Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, when you recite from the Holy Quran then I put a latent curtain in between you and those non-believers in the life after death. (Sura Bani Israayil/45)   ….QFQ


Meaning: O my Habib! Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, do describe in this book about Hazrat Maryam Alaihas Salam, when she separated herself from her family members and took shelter at a place in the east, then to have cover from them, she did Purdah on herself. Then, to her, I sent my soul (Hazrat Jibrael Alaihis Salam) who displayed himself in the shape of a complete human being. (Sura Maryam/16,17)  …QFQ


Meaning: This should never happen, certainly the ‘Amal Nama’ of the sinners, lie in the ‘Sijjin’. Do you know what ‘Sijjin’ is? This a note book of entries. That day is a curse for the liars, those who deny the Dooms Day. Those violating the limits only do commit this sin of defying. If my Ayats are read to them, they call it ‘old day’s fantasy’. Never, rather whatever they do, had been the reason for rusting in their souls. Never so, because on that day they would be under cover from their Lord. And then shall enter the hell. Then they would be told, “this is what you denied”. (Sura Muttaffifeen/7-17) ….QFQ

From the above discussions referring dictionaries, Hadith Sharif, explanation of Hadith Sharif and the literal meaning of Hijab as it appeared repeatedly in Quran Sharif are all direct proofs that Hijab means a cover, veil, curtain, hiding, concealing etc. That means one woman should be under cover in front of another man who is ‘Gayer-e-Mahram’ to her. She should be away from his sights and looks and keep all her body covered. The gist is: Women should remain within their houses, when required to go out, will do so covering their whole body including the face with clothes. This is what is Hijab or Purdah in the real meaning.

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